Faking injury to surprise nurse girlfriend with proposal, man is criticized “Attention seeker”

There are many proposal that shocks the one getting propose, even people witnessing the scene. We have the romantic propose in the amusement park, at classroom with students’ help,… you name it. However, it seems like faking injury or getting to your girl friends by ambulance is the new black these day. Check this out!

The video captured a man giving his girlfriend a horrible scare before surprising her with a marriage proposal.

This guy has just pulled off an elaborate marriage proposal with some help from his paramedic buddies and nurses at the hospital his girlfriend worked at.

First, he pretended to come in with a severe injury while his girlfriend was on duty, which caused her to sob heavily.

The girlfriend was in the middle of her shift when she heard a familiar name: her boyfriend who seems to suffer from a serious injury. The nurse appears to be shock and worried a lot.

Video shows her eyes widen and her mouth drop realizing that the patient is actually her boyfriend. She put her hands on her face to cover her feeling.

She didn’t notice anything unusual due to shocking.

Then, when the nurse took off the blanket that was on top of him, he immediately got down on one knee and proposed to her. She was seen sobbing harder and relieved at the same time, hitting him in distress. When the emotion is over, she accepted his proposal.

She immediately relieved to see him healthy and happily accepted his proposal.

Despite the cuteness and touching moment, many express their disproval of the way this man propose.

An user commented “OMG I think that was absolutely disgusting if I was confronted like that I would tell him where to go she could have had a heart attack they are wasting ambulance and hospital time he could have found something else to propose to her he must know weather she loves him or he wouldn’t be doing it SICK”

Some mocked “This guy has massive trust issues and also an attention seeker !!! Never mind giving his girlfriend unnecessary heartache !!! I didn’t find it normal and fair !!!”

Or “This is so wrong If my boyfriend ever did that to me he would get punch in face not ever funny at all!. Very rude.”

What about you? How would you feel if someone proposed to you in this shocking way?

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