Every girl feels so much safer when their man holds them in his warm fuzzy big arms. You feel like nothing in the big wild world can be better than his arms around you! But there are a few Types Of Hugs that every girl wants from her boyfriend. But you’ll be surprised to know that not all hugs are the same and guys you need to listen loud and clear the Kind Of Hugs your girl digs! So you ready to know the 101 of Hugs? Here Are Different Types Of Hugs That Every Girl Craves For From Her Boyfriend! 1. Hold Me Like There Is No Escaping. You can barely breathe, your bones are crushing but you still more. Because you can never get enough of your boyfriend, can you? 2. The Hug Which Will Show ow Much You Missed Her! To be honest this one’s my personal favourite. Wanna know why? When you’re in a long distance relationship and finally meet you need to hug and this is the hug which says more than words can ever show. coque iphone 8 It makes up for all the wait and time spent apart. acheter coque iphone en ligne It’s like you were never apart. 3. Don’t You Ever Let Me Go? Hold her tight when you have a fight and you are at a loss for words. coque iphone xs max Just make her feel that no matter what happens what happens you are there. coque iphone 8 That is all that your girl ever wants. 4. Everything Is Going To Be Fine. When nothing goes the way it should give her “Everything will be fine” hug which will make her calm and make her feel that this too shall pass. And it will be better. But meanwhile, while it is sucking, she has you 5. The Can’t Be Lovey -Dovey Right Now But You Are My Baby. You can’t get all mushy when a lot of people are around but this simple hug makes her feel like she’s yours and you are proud of her and are not shy to show she belongs to you. 6. Twirl Her Around When You Hug Her! This is the fantasy of every girl ever. To have her guy twirl her around in the air while hugging and make her feel like some princess. 7. The Sneaky Back Hugs! Omg! this hugs makes me go weak in my knees. coque iphone x I have seen this over a gazillion times in movies and I want my guy to come up to me sneakily and hold me like this when I’m doing something. Doesn’t matter how important it is. But I want him to hold me like this and not leave. 8. Hug Me Like You Want Me! Hugs which end with a kiss on the headset the mood for everything that has to follow. It makes the girl feel so wanted.

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