Ducati launches the personalized Ducati Unica Factory program

Ducati has launched the Ducati Unica factory customization program, aiming to create factory-customized Ducati motorcycles that will be unique and exclusive to their owners. With Ducati Unica, Ducati owners can gain access to the Centro Stile Ducati and realize their dream of collaborating directly with designers and technicians to create a motorcycle that will be a unique piece in the world. Ducatisti who join the program will be able to enter the Ducati Centro Stile workshop in person, describe their desires to the designers and follow, during periodic visits, the progress of their motorcycles, experiencing first hand the level of dedication and attention to the details that Ducati reserves for each personalization project.

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The Ducati Unica Factory Customization Program gives Ducatisti access to Centro Stile Ducati designers and technicians to create their own unique motorcycle.

With the support of the professionals of the Ducati Unica team, the customization process will be defined, defining every detail, including precious materials, dedicated finishes, special colors and Ducati Performance accessories. Each stage of the creation of the bike will be documented and will see the involvement of enthusiasts, from the first sketches to the delivery ceremony.

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“Design is a distinctive element of our creations. We wanted to give Ducatisti the opportunity to identify even more with its own motorcycle, making it a direct expression of everyone’s individual style. That’s why we created Ducati Unica , an exclusive program that testifies to the excellence of Made in Italy of which Ducati is a representative in the world.An exciting and unforgettable personalization experience to live directly within our Centro Stile.The moment when Ducatisti finally sees his motorcycle is very exciting for us at Centro Stile and a great source of pride,” said Centro Stile Ducati Director Andrea Ferraresi.

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Each Ducati Unica is delivered to its owner accompanied by a certificate of uniqueness, which attests to its originality and guarantees its non-replicability. The Ducati Unica program is extended worldwide and applicable to the Ducati and Ducati Scrambler range. Those interested in creating their own unique Ducati can contact their nearest Ducati dealer for the information needed to request access to the program. However, Ducati specifies that the company can only accept an extremely limited number of requests each year, and those deemed to be in line with the brand’s values.

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