Is Your Day Going Well? Look At These Trashy Pics To Make It More Balanced


Hey, not everyone can have the perfectly refined taste in the things that you have. And I guess people with trashy tastes also believe that about themselves – that it’s actually THEM who have the most refined, best tastes in things.

Well. People are strange I guess? And we’re all closed up in our tiny little boxes through which we view the world. Everyone is you, basically – you look as terrible when viewed from the outside. But when it comes to trashy images, tastes, and trashy people, Meaww are the absolute kings. They’ve made this collection specifically for you and your eyes. Because they hate you.

Scroll down and DON’T enjoy!


1. Dr. Dre made a motherf**king pun. Y’all.




2. This woman is crying out seeds of life. Her tears are therefore the most precious thing on Earth.


3. Ummm. But that’s a female anus. Why is this guy going around assuming everyone’s asses gender?


4. Check out this new trend. It’s like someone just tried to grab these women by the, ahem, pubic bones.


5. This trashy person really loves cars. Can you tell?


6. When you want your mac and cheese to smell like a Himalayan llama’s poop. Organic and all.


7. Shopping and chill.

8. Good luck trying to sell this piece of trash, you trash person.



9. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!



10. She is hot, therefore this is automatically not trashy anymore. There.

11. Oh God.



12. Nothing screams ‘I’m rich!’ more than parking a super expensive car in your scrapyard.


13. You’re making me roll my eyes, girl.




15. This girl thinks she’s soooo clever…



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