Chopping snakes into distinct parts and putting it into papaya, the guy made the village drink freely

The unique dish that combines with the papaya and snake makes many people want to learn how to cook. If the people apply “right” processes, the snake steamed papaya dish is considered as the most delicious dish when drinking wine. Recently, netizens has shared a cooking video widely. In the video, he shares the the secret recipe of the unique dish. coque iphone x As we know, water snakes are one of the benign species of snakes. They don’t venom like the cobra. First, after cleaning the snake, you chop snake into small pieces that are about 7-8 cm. coque iphone pas cher After that, add the spices, wait some minutes and fry them. coque iphone pas cher Next, put the snake meat inside the green papaya that has been hollowed intestines and the outer shell. coque iphone 2019 Put the papaya into the steamer for about 40 minutes and then take it. Water snake has tasty meat mixed with the scent of citronella and papaya, which creates an unique dish. coque iphone 6 The type of snake brings lots of benefits for human health.

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