Getting caught is the worst thing ever and it’s even more embarrassing when you’re caught staring women. That being said, here’s a cringe-worthy compilation of people who were photographed ogling at the right moment.

1. Well Well Well! It Looks Like Someone’s Very Jealous

But seriously where are her eyebrows. That’s the real question around these parts of town folks.

2. These Anchors Were Caught Staring At The Right Moment!

Thank God for screenshots am I right?

3. The Kid Is Probably Hungry And Wants Some Milk

Although he does seem quite pleased with this particular picture.

4. Brother Is So Dumbfounded By That Booty

He just stares in disbelief. It’s like this shouldn’t even be possible in the first place.

5. Caught Staring At The Right Time

“The Cleavage Is Like The Sun. You Can’t Look Directly At It”

– Jerry Seinfeld

6. I Feel Like Everyone Should Really Take Jerry Seinfeld’s Advice Very Seriously

These blunders are actually easy to avoid!

7. Now That’s One Creepy Face! It’s Bad Enough That You Were Caught Staring But You Had To Make The Creepiest Face Ever!

Holy shit he looks like demonic in this picture.

8. I’m Gonna Give Barack Obama A Pass Here, He’s Probably Turning Around To See Of His Wife Michele Obama Is Behind Him Or Not

He’s such a darling he’d never do that.

9. They’re Probably Better Than Mine

Or not. Why are you even comparing?

10. Is She Wearing A See Through Dress? Really? I Better Turn Around And Make Sure

Yep. Mission accomplished. Creepiness level increased.

11. Whoa, What Was That!

Ah shit, I got caught stating again!

12. You Gotta Admit, Breasts Are The Most Wonderful Things In This World. Even This Lady Agrees With Me

That’s her I agree with you lol face.

13. That Face You Make When You Know You’ll Never Make It Big

Or rather, make them big for that matter.

14. That Guy Is Totally Not Okay With Public Display Of Affection

The look on his face says a lot.

15. Is he Giving Us That Dude Seriously? Look

He’s so sick of their bullshit. It’s written on his face.

16. We’re Hopeless Aren’t We? We’re Simply A Lost Cause At This Point

We just can’t help stealing one look and get caught staring.


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