Marilyn Monroe was not an ordinary celebrity. The American actress, model, and singer had some kind of majestic charisma about her which still radiates from her pictures. Apart from being such a diverse artist, she was 1950’s greatest sex symbol. As a matter of fact, she did one of the greatest films in the history of cinema. Furthermore, she was a headstrong woman for most of her life. She married thrice and all her marriages failed. Someone still loved her till his death anyway. If you want to know who was the special person keep scrolling.

Here are some breathtaking pictures of Marilyn Monroe and a bonus gif!

1. Norma Jeane Baker was her real name. She had no information about her father. Later, two people claimed that they were her father.

2. Her mother was mentally unstable so she had to spend most of her childhood in strict foster homes and orphanages.

3. She first married at the age of 16. It was arranged.

4. She was known as a Photographer’s Dream.

5. Monroe is her mother’s family name. She selected her stage name, Marilyn Monroe.

6. She got plastic surgery done on her nose and her chin.

7. She was a great cook.

8. Even though some people claim that she was extremely intelligent, she had a hard time learning her dialogues.

9. She was fond of children. She loved her stepchildren.

10. Marilyn was a dog person. She owned many dogs through her lifetime.

11. She left most of her estate to her acting coach, some to her psychoanalytic and some to her mother.

12. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend singer was not very fond of jewellery in real life.
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