Bodybuilder “Little Hercules“ Is All Grown Up Now! Has He Been Hitting The Gym?

You may remember seeing photos of a kid with the physique of an experienced bodybuilder circulating on the internet. coque iphone Those pics were not fake – they showed Richard Sandrak, who was lifting weights when he was barely out of diapers. Richard is now 24 years old. What’s he up to? Read on to find out. coque iphone x Richard was born in Ukraine in 1992. coque iphone 8 His parents, Pavel and Lena, were a martial arts world champ and an aerobics instructor respectively. The family moved to the United States when Richard was two. coque iphone soldes Richard‘s parents gave their son a workout program. coque iphone xs max It started with stretching and aerobics, but quickly progressed to light weight training. After moving to California, the Sandraks met a trainer. The Sandraks wanted to get their son into show business, so they hired trainer Frank Giardina to bulk up Richard – and raise publicity. Richard progressed quickly. At the age of six, he could bench-press 180 pounds. coque iphone 2019 pas cher Two years later, he was up to 210. When Richard‘s photos hit the internet, they inspired a heated debate. While there was no doubt that his strength and physique were impressive, critics wondered if it was really okay for parents to push their kids to these lengths.

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