Beautiful Pictures Of Flower Whose Petals Look Like Hummingbirds

The Internet is full of wonders, from hilarious memes to impressive photos, an endless ocean of tweets to political manifestos. People share pretty much anything, and though some use it to share things they should probably keep to themselves, others often drop a thing or two which mesmerizes the online public.

A Reddit user by the name of OctopusPrime has recently shared a photo that had many not only confused but quite fascinated. Dropped in the subreddit NatureIsF**kingLit, the photograph showed a green flower which resembled a collection of tiny green hummingbirds.

So many were interested in the image that only in a day, the post raked 47.5k upvotes with almost 400 comments. Most of the commentators were the questioning kind while the rest of them tried their best to provide some answers. When somebody wanted to know why precisely the flower looked the way it did, one person had all the answers.

The plant that got everyone’s attention is Crotalaria cunninghamii, even though the Latin name might be quite a challenge to pronounce and memorize, that is why people also refer to it as green birdflower or regal birdflower. It’s a species native to inland northern Australia. This plant grows well in sandy areas; this is why it is mostly found in sand dunes, along beaches, and Mulga communities. The Birdflower was used by Aboriginal people to treat eye infections.

Source: Thinking Humanity


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