Bald Guys Are Smarter And More Successful, According To Study

For many men, balding is a sensitive topic: they might feel like it makes them less attractive and masculine. However, a study has shown that there is no reason for such a self-destructing attitude. Bald men are often perceived as more confident, smart, and dominant. Perhaps that’s not such a bad replacement for a full head of hair!

The research conducted by Professor Dr. Frank Muscarella from Barry University demonstrated that bald men are thought to be more socially dominant in comparison with other men. The researchers discovered that while people see men with hair as more physically attractive, bald men are more likely to be seen as the ones with higher social status: people claimed they perceive them as more dominant and superior, but didn’t feel any threat in comparison to men with hair.

Bald Guys Are Smarter And More Successful, According To Study

During the study, Dr. Frank Muscarella asked the focus group to rate male participants by four criteria: attractiveness, aggressiveness, appeasement, and maturity. Some people were shown the pictures of men that had a head full of hair, and the other part of the group saw the pictures of the same men but with their hair entirely digitally removed. The results turned out to be unexpected: bald men were rated as more honest, intelligent, and masculine.

The findings of Dr. Frank Muscarella were backed up by research from the University of Pennsylvania. Psychologist Albert E. Mannes showed that people tend to see bald men as stronger, more dominant, and successful.

However, bald men aren’t just perceived as strong and sexy, but they’re also seen as smart. Researchers from the University of Saarland analyzed data based on the opinion poll of 20,000 people. The results demonstrated that bald men are more often perceived as older, but people see them as wiser and more intelligent.

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Men have to go completely bald to be perceived this way. The research demonstrated that men who had bald spots, on the contrary, were seen as weak and less masculine. It might be connected to the fact that shaving your head can be seed as an active statement, giving others a feeling that the man has the situation under control and is not ashamed of his appearance. And that’s appealing!

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