Artist Removes Dolls’ Makeup To Make Them Look Realistic.

Real beauty is quite different than the unrealistic Photoshopped images that are popping up on social media every day. In fact, that’s the main reason why Ukrainian artist, Olga Kamenetskaya, began giving popular dolls a series of amazing makeovers. Oh, but this isn’t about changing a doll’s wardrobe only.

Kamenetskaya turns Bratz, Barbies, and Monster High dolls into one-of-a-kind realistic looking works of art. After doing away with the old makeup, the artist gets to work on modifying the shapes of the doll’s face and then repainting it with more lifelike features that does away with the concept of unrealistic perfect symmetry.

Take a look at the side-by-side images of the same doll that Olga Kamenestkaya transformed.
The doll looks so stunningly real, you might think there’s life in her. It’s both scary but really spectacular, and you’ll probably want one of your own. Olga deliberately added some flaws that may not be noticeable at first glance, but she believes it adds a sense of realism to the dolls, because no one’s perfect.

The original doll didn’t look too bad, but Kamenestkaya’s makeover makes her look like a star.
In fact, she looks eerily similar to actress Gabrielle Union who appeared in comedy films like “She’s All That” and “10 Things I Hate About You.” The Ukrainian artist started doing this as a hobby, but now she’s turned it into a profession and will sell her “re-creations” on Etsy.

There isn’t a doll that she isn’t willing to challenge herself on in order to enhance their appearance.
Take this creepy creature from the Monster High doll collection. Yes, the original looked pretty cool, but with the makeover, the doll is a hundred times more ethereal. She’s now sporting a more realistic skin hue that’s got a greenish undertone, detailed freckles, and reptilian yellowish-green eyes. She’s definitely a pro at selling fantasy!

With a little creativity and patience, Kamenestkaya turned this doll into a tiny person with a piercing.
This doll not only got a new look, but her makeup looks a little less bold and oh-so natural! She’s also sporting a nose ring, and her hair is full-on pink and covering the side of her face. It’s kind of punk-rockish without going overboard, and pretty darn impressive.

She turned the original doll into a cute little darling who’s absolutely charming.
Kamenestkaya had to reshape the original face to give the doll a pointed chin and a different mouth. Her painting skills are so spot on that it kind of feels like we’re looking at a 3D render. This upcycled doll is now sporting some impressively realistic eyebrows and eyelashes.

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