Are You a Genius? Try To Find Out The Differences In These Images

The differentiating feature for all geniuses is that they have an imaginative mind that can differentiate between many things at once. These geniuses are good at solving literally any riddle or question. We have prepared 15 brain-twisting riddles for you that have minute differences between the two pictures shown below. You have to find the differences and prove that you are a genius.
Looks Tricky

We will start of by this photo, which looks to be a bit tricky. What you need to do is find three differences in both the images here and prove that you really are a genius and no fluke. Here is your opportunity to start of good.
Find Four Differences

This picture is slightly less tricky considering there aren’t that many things to look at here, but still you’ve got to find out at least four differences in both these photos. If you’re able to find them out you can progress to the next one.
Three Differences

Now that you are on the third picture, you are moving forward in this challenge. Here is a photo that looks seemingly similar but has three major differences for you to spot and locate to move on to the next image.
Find Three Differences

While the top 3 were fairly easy, we can now move on to the complex stage of this challenge where you get to see a lot of photos with diverse imagery. Here you have to find three differences between the photos on the top and bottom.
Find Three Differences

We warned you in advance, things are going to get difficult as you keep progressing in this list, which is why if you want to back out, you can now. What you need to do now is to spot 3 differences in both these images.
3 Differences

This one might look fairly easy after the couple of difficult ones you experienced above, but it is not as easy as it looks. You still have to find out the 3 differences and to see where they lie. Things are about to get serious here folks.
Find 2 Differences

Finding the differences in pictures with different colors and contrast in them might look easy, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. Here we have 2 pictures of the same place; all you need to do is to find the 2 differences in the images.
Find 2 Differences

You must have experienced in the picture above that, finding dissimilarities in pictures with color and contrast is really difficult, which is why you will see that finding 2 differences here would be a complex task as well.
Find 4 Differences

This one is basically a mental refresher to refresh you from all the difficult ones you did above and to prepare you for all the complex ones you can expect moving on. Find 4 differences here and gear up for what’s coming up.
Find 3 Differences


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