We have all seen those morbid advertisements on Television or those which are showcased before movies that show the dangerous effects Cigarettes have on one’s health. And it goes without saying that such drugs are a complete no for kids. But Ardi Razi, a kid in Indonesia had been smoking as much as 40 Cigarettes every day since he was two years old.

Smoking can indeed be a very harmful addiction and at worse, it can even cause death. Addictions can have a very negative impact on everyone’s life. Not only the addicted person’s life is affected, those around him also suffer!

Here is the story of Ardi Razi, a kid from Indonesia who had been smoking 40 cigarettes or even more since the age of just 2!
Ardi Razi, an Indonesian kid who made his way to the headlines of the Indonasian newspapers seven years ago. Videos of him emerged puffing several cigarettes a day. He smoked around as much as 40 cigarettes a day!

After pictures of him, smoking got viral the Indonesian government had to take a stringent action against childhood smoking.

After childhood smoking was banned, Ardi Razi was sent to a rehab so that he can overcome his addiction. He was sent to Jakarta for therapy sessions for two weeks.

When he was going through rehabilitation treatment, Ardi saw a psychiatrist who then encouraged his mother to keep him busy with activities like playing and teaching him about the side effects of smoking.

He learned, at last, to say no when someone ever offered him a cigarette.

However, his addiction to smoking was replaced with another addiction. This was food.

Ardi Razi had gotten hooked on junk food now. By the time he became 6 years old, Ardi had become morbidly obese. He had become dangerously overweight.

His parents had to hire a nutritionist and he had to now learn to eat a balanced diet. And this is how he looks now.

The change in him is indeed fascinating. Ardi has become an inspiration for all those who want to quit their addictions and switch to a healthier lifestyle.


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