Amazing! You Will not Believe What Your Nose Says About Your Personality

How much do you know about your nose? According to recent studies, some parts of our body can reveal incredible aspects about our personality. These have scientifically proven the veracity of the results. A professor at the university: Ben-Gurion del Negev, in Israel, has had quite favorable results for his investigation into the case. Abraham Tamir says that you can know a lot about the character of a person according to the shape of his nose, which was published in a Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. Look what the shape of your nose says about you: 1. Nubian nose. It has a flat bridge, great length and its tip rests slightly downwards. People with this type of nose are curious, researchers by nature and retailers. They are quite optimistic and seek the acceptance of others, which is why they adapt easily. 2. Greek nose. It has a narrow and straight shape, with great length. coque iphone pas cher These kinds of people are reserved and introverted, they are quite loyal and practical. As they are introverted, they find it difficult to express their emotions. 3. Hook nose. It resembles the beak of a bird, is curved from the base to the tip. People who possess this nose are creative and passionate, are willing to sacrifice everything for what they are passionate about. 4. Arched Nose. It is very similar to hook, but its curvature goes from the nasal bone to the edge, and its tip is more rounded. They are hard-working, determined and well-organized people. 5. Button Nose It is short and refined, it is quite small and not very noticeable. Represents direct people with strong character, do not like to redo, when they draw a goal always meet it. 6. Straight Nose. coque iphone xr This nose normally corresponds to Asians. soldes coque iphone People with this nose are usually temperamental, usually have a bad temper and it is not good to test their patience. 7. Concave Nose It is small but with a small arch in the nasal bone. These kind of people are generous and like to help others, they are dedicated and they know how to listen, they make excellent friends or couples. 8. coque iphone 7 Crooked Nose. soldes coque iphone People with this nose are fun and affectionate, are very dedicated and make good friends or couples. You may also be interested in knowing: Do you wear Colorado when you drink alcohol? Be very careful! If you liked the article, do not forget to comment and share.

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