Aloe vera is good, adding sugar to rub is 10 times better, the skin is white without acne, millions of women believe to use

Aloe vera is a natural beauty ingredient that many people love. Even beauty experts recommend that you use aloe vera to whiten skin effectively without side effects that can save quite a lot of money to buy cosmetics.

According to experts, the dense gel of aloe vera contains a lot of cinnamic acid, vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid, antioxidant … This nutrient plays a role in removing old cells, regenerating, nourishing and stimulating the development of the new skin. Using aloe vera and some other ingredients will help you quickly obtain a smooth, vibrant skin, restore damaged skin from sunburn or congenital black skin.

1 branch of aloe vera
Half a lemon
Some sugar

As mentioned above, aloe vera helps us have the white and smooth skin, stimulate the cell develop. The white sugar and lemon support skin exfoliation, whitening, bruise matte finish to whitening process occurs faster.

Materials need to be prepared

Aloe vera can be bought outside the supermarket, you should choose the thick and dense gel or take advantage of home grown aloe vera.
Wash aloe vera, cut two rows of thorns on the side and stand up to drain the yellow pus having irritant.
Use a knife to peel the outer layer and cut into small pieces.
Squeeze the lemon juice on the aloe vera and then put this aloe vera piece into the sugar bowl. Use this aloe vera piece to rub all over the body or use for sunburned skin, black skin like elbow, knee, neck.

Squeeze the lemon juice on the aloe vera
Put this aloe vera piece into the sugar bowl

Continue to use the aloe vera piece having sugar to rub on the skin until the end of the mixture, then save the mixture for about 20 minutes to promote the effect.

Use the aloe vera piece having sugar to rub on the skin
Finally, bathe with cool water, dry with a soft towel and use moisturizing cream.
Apply this way 3 times a week, soon the skin will be bright and smooth, full of vitality.

Small note:
In addition to this way, you can also use gel of aloe vera mixed with honey, vitamin E, coconut oil to form a homogeneous mixture to rub on the skin, also helping to have the white and smooth skin.
During a white bath with aloe vera, you need to use sunscreen, protect the skin when going out.
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