After waving to say goodbye husband, stepmother abused step-daughter immediately, forced her to do household chores as a maid

When the husband is still at home, she pretends to care his daughter so much, even teaches her how to do homework.

Seeing that scene, the husband is very emotional and grateful for her support.

However, after waving to say goodbye him, she changes immediately her attitude to step-daughter. She beats her brutally and forces her to do household chores.

Too surprised, the step-daughter falls down the floor. Even though, she tries to stand up, then clean the fruits before stepmom will be angry.

She accidentally puts the backet of fruits on stepmom’s phone. Then stepmom is angry and push her down the floor, even throws the fruits on her body.

Known that she can not fight against, the step-daughter just cleans the mess in slience.
Not only that, she must clean the house by her hands like this. Such a pitiful girl!

In that hell of house, she can not share her misery to anyone, just find her sanctuary in the old picture of real mother. She cries everyday, tells to her mom every hour. But no one knows that, even her dad.
Because of forgetting the car key in bedroom, the father turns back home and suddenly the scene of his daughter being abused by his new lover.

What would he do now? Who does he believe in, her daughter or her new wife?
Let’s watching this video to find the result:

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