Adorable Grandma Puts Her Wedding Dress On After 63 Years

Adorable Grandma Puts Her Wedding Dress On After 63 Years

There are moments in life when it is important to look back to the past and remember your most heartwarming moments! That is precisely what happened when Amy Buchan Kavelaras visited her grandmother to help her move house. While sorting through dusty old boxes, Amy stumbled upon a box Ruth stuffed away years before.

Amy convinced Ruth into opening the box. Inside it, there was Ruth’s wedding dress. Amy persuaded Ruth to put it on. Ruth’s daughter (Amy’s mom) was there with her camera and captured the moment.

As soon as Amy returned home, she ran to her computer! She wanted to share the picture her mom took of Grandma Ruth, as it was a story everyone would love.

Amy wrote:

Losing her husband was one of the toughest things Ruth ever had to endure. Opening that box was a bittersweet reminder of his absence. It was courageous of Ruth to try on her old dress and show the world what love truly feels like – and my, does she look stunning!

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