According To Scientists This is What Our Planet Will Look Like in 1000 Years (10 Pics)

Not that long ago, a famous scientist Stephen Hawking said that humankind will only live another 1000 years and that’s it. He didn’t say what will happen to the humankind and why would the humankind just parish according to his opinion, but we simply have to disagree with him. He is a modern genius and all, and maybe we are just narrow-minded optimists, but we can’t believe in that. Humankind has gone through many catastrophic events and with the advancements in the modern medicine, humans will maybe even get to live for 1000 years and not completely go extinct in 1000 years. But, who are we to say anything about that. We are just a group of open-minded writers who constantly look for something interesting to learn. That is why we asked scientists about their own opinion about the fate of humans.


Human Beings Will Possess The Ability to Live Till a 1000


We can talk about some psychologically induced fears for days but the only primal fear that has been bothering us since the dawn of men is the fear of death. That is a product of our nature and “instinct” for self-preservation. We can’t help it. That is why some people are investing billions of dollars into projects that explore different ways to stop aging process. They go so far that some of them even want to freeze their bodies in cryogenic chambers (Demolition Man) only to be awakened sometime in the future.

Specialists are also developing different remedies to help humans regenerate their organs and tissues.

However, the one question arises from all this, “Do We Really Need To Live 1000 Years?”


Humans Will Colonize Other Planets


Well, this is one of the answers to the previous question. Yes, if we, humans, really think of a way to travel to distant planets, immortality would be a nice trait to have. I mean, the chances of a light speed travel are pretty slim, so humans would need centuries to come to some other planet and 1000 years would’ve been a really nice lifespan.

One of the main companies that have been dealing with the most advanced forms of a space program is Elon Musk’s “Space X”. He has a plan to colonize Mars and eventually develop a spacecraft that could be capable of deep space travels. NASA has a plan to send humans to Mars until 2030. SpaceX wants to do that earlier – by 2022. And because that is Elon Musk talking, we believe him.


Humans May All Soon Look Alike


There is a hypothesis that states that all the humans will look alike in 1000 years. The main reason in that hypothesis is interracial marriage, and that is allegedly going to make us all look the same. One scientist, Dr. Alan Kwan, even says that humans will have totally different features in 100,000 years when you compare them to the normal, modern ones. He says that we will have larger eyes and nostrils, and quite possibly a highly pigmented skin.

However, if we want to talk about the reality, nobody knows what the evolution is going to do to us in 1000 years. The only certain thing is that the progress of medicine can’t be stopped. Scientists will learn how to manipulate the human genome that good that they will ask you what kind of a kid you want to have and make it possible.




Japan created a supercomputer called K computer in 2011. By 2014, this supercomputer was capable to perfectly simulate a one second of a human brain. To perform that, this supercomputer with 10.51 petaflops needed 40 minutes and a power supply unit of 12.6 MW. However, scientists are claiming that this is just a beginning. In 1000 years, computers will be faster than human brains.

We have already created quantum computers that will completely replace this “old junk” we call supercomputers. The first implementation of that new technology is expected to find its place in medicine, space exploration, and transport. However, that kind of artificial brainpower inside a machine can be dangerous for humankind.


Humans as Cyborgs


Modern machines are not only for our entertainment and pleasure. As we all know, machines are saving lives in medicine and almost every other branch of industry – from police and fire department to flight and space control. However, technology is also being used to actively improve individual human lives and not only to serve some greater good. The best example of that active part of technology is medicine. Machines are being used to improve human sight, to return sight or enable the sight to some humans. One of the oldest modern examples is maybe hearing aid that has been in general use quite a long time now. But technology has gone so far, that there are bionic parts for the human body that humans can control with their minds. That technology is called “Brain-Mind interface for neural prosthetics. That technology will actually make Science Fiction lose its purpose. That has already become a reality with the first bionic kidneys. You can read about it here.


Extinction Event


Where are all those species that came before us? Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals are all gone and humans have tried to find that one true cause for their mass extinction, however, there are only those hypotheses that are waiting to be proven or disproven. In the end, there are few possibilities:
– Huge celestial object that collided with Earth;
– Climate change;
– Huge volcano eruption;
– Devastating earthquake;
– Deadly Virus.

Even with our most modern technologies, we wouldn’t be able to save ourselves from such cataclysmic events. So if that already happened once, it could happen again. Plus, we have one more variable to add, “Overpopulation”. Sadly, we can only survive as species if we learn how to control the growth of our population.

And we don’t even want to start talking about the threat of a Nuclear War wiping the entire planet clean. That is a product of our stupidity.


We Will All Speak a Single Language


Mixing of cultures and peoples has never been so obvious like now. That path of multiculturalism is eventually going to lead us to the creation of one giant culture and one language for us all. Linguistic experts think that in 100 years from now, almost 90% of the entire population of Earth is going to speak the same language, and the rest of the languages are going to be simplified for all to understand them. In the end, even those “simplified” languages will integrate and assimilate with that universal language.


Automatic Assembly and Demolition of Buildings


Nanotechnology is the one that creates all sorts of possibilities for this industry. Because of its programmability, you could instantly build or demolish buildings. That technology uses trillions of microscopic robots that can do anything you can imagine. You could instantly change the shape and size of your rooms or furniture items.


Nanotechnology VS Pollution


We can stop or slow down the effects of climate change by changing our way of life. We can do that by developing this nanotechnology which could, in fact, help us fix everything. Because of its microscopic nature, it can actually tweak everything on a cellular level. It can help us build things we can now only imagine. That is how scientists will be able to build parts for machines or entire machines flawlessly without any margin for error. It could fix other machines, buildings, our bodies, plants, and the Earth itself.


You Could Upload Your Consciousness to a Machine



This is where real intelligence starts mixing with the artificial intelligence.

The idea is that even if we learn how to achieve immortality, humans can’t all coexist on a single planet. That is why scientists started exploring the idea of a virtual consciousness.. The idea was actually studied by the UCLA. Scientists observed how consciousness really works. They think that humans can actually replicate the communication between neurons in a human brain. That is where we go back to the idea of a supercomputer and its ability to mimic the human brain. What if we could find a way to actually digitalize the signal from our brain? What if we could make our thoughts digital? We could then upload our mind into any other mind – artificial or natural. That way we could all be immortal, even without our bodies or the need to physically exist in some place. Think of a movie “Lucy”, or even better, “Transcendence”.

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