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Cat Sneaks Into A Zoo And Becomes Friends With A Lynx

There are different kinds of animal on earth, and it really doesn’t matter what species you belong to; friendships start just the same.

Base on the update we discovered, this couple of friends serve as the proof: in St. Petersburg’s Zoo, a European Lynx has become friends with a Russia Cat.

According to the update Knowfiles got from Love Meow, the feline was homeless and later found some meal where the Lynx lived.The significant aspect is that the Lynx is okay with sharing, but they also became great friends.
Love Meow says: “it seems as if the cat needs the Lynx as much as she needs her”. People clarify that the cat considers the Lynx to be her mother since she was just a kitten when she made this unusual friend.

However, the zoo seeing this friendship of the animals and they adopted the cat so they can live together, as they still do.
See photos below:

Russia cat and European lynx
Russia cat and European lynx

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