A beautiful bride still decided to get married her boyfriend, although he got end-stage cancer

Rowden Go Pangcoga, coming from Philipines, and Leizel love each other in the long term. They lived together and had a beautiful baby girl; however, their wedding still has not taken place.

According to the first plan, Rowden would arrange his wedding with his lover on 8th, July, 2014 – This is his 30-year-old birthday>

However, his end-stage cance made him nearly give up everything. Facing up with Death Eater, he still wished to organize wedding with lover.

Not being strong enough to go out, so he was helped to organize their wedding in the hospital. His wedding in dream took place with so much emotion such as sadness, compassion.

10 hours after organizing wedding, Rowden passed away in the hospital that made people merciful.

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