9 weird things that men love about a woman and you had no idea


There is no manual to know what each man likes and the truth, although they deny it, are very complicated. Perhaps we think that they are too much based on the physical to choose a partner, but this is not necessarily true.

There are some features and details that seem very attractive and sensual.

You will be surprised to know what they love in a girl, however strange it may seem.

1. The girls with glasses

If there is something that they love is that image of the innocent and intellectual girl, but that can be very sensual and fun. It is a very common fantasy for them, because they are attracted to both the physical and your personality. No boy can resist!

2. Tattoos

It is a secret that many men have very well guarded. Some go crazy seeing a girl with ink on her body. The truth is that this rough and sensual image is very attractive. Well they say that tastes are broken genres, do not you think?

3. See you wearing your shirt

For a boy there is nothing more tender and sexy at the same time as seeing his girlfriend wearing one of his shirts or shirts after doing it. It is a very sensual show because that way you can imagine how they look in the act, and you can also contemplate the small silhouette of their love.

4. When you wear lipstick

It is a suggestive act that provokes any man, since it can bring back very pleasant memories of previous encounters. Maybe you’ve noticed that you do not take your eyes off when you get ready, but especially when you apply your intense red lipstick. I assure you, that color is your favorite.

5. Exercise

It’s like watching the silhouette of a girl dance while dancing. Although you sweat, for him you will always be the most attractive. When you run, you move and put yourself in compromising poses, depending on the physical activity, you can see how your attributes move and imagine thousands of things.

6. The socks until the thighs

These garments are very sensual for them, because they highlight your legs. There is no man who can resist these long socks, as they remind them of garter belts and lingerie. It is a super feminine accessory. They can not stop seeing you.

7. Be creative in all aspects

The creativity in the bed and that they are super flirty are two features that they admire in a woman, although they do not admit it. They also love to be conquered, and they are driven crazy by a companion with initiative and creativity in bed.

8. When you do not use makeup

Even if you do not believe it, they are not very attracted to those who put on makeup in excess. Natural is always better, so do not be surprised if one day your lover kisses you just when you just got up and tells you that you look beautiful. For him, your face without a drop of makeup is also perfect.

9. Girls who like video games

What can be more attractive than having similar likes with your partner? Well apparently men appreciate the time they spend with video games, so if they find a girl who is as “gamer” as they almost will not hesitate to ask for a marriage.

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