9 Illustrations That PERFECTLY Sum Up Life Before And AFTER Marriage

For those of you who are going to get arrange-married, don’t worry. This post holds true just as well for the beginning phase of marriages as it does for before and after marriage. coque iphone x Basically this post illustrates the stages that every relationship goes through. The beginning phases are always more romantic and exciting while the later parts are mature and full of compassion, support and care. There is one more thing that isn’t said enough; marrying for love is over-rated. Sorry for saying so but in my opinion it’s true. Marrying has so many advantages, you have a home, you have a settled life, kids that respect you, you get a purpose in life and finally you always have someone to lean on in times of hardship. Compromise makes relationships work better than love and that isn’t said enough. Anyway coming back to the point, here are some things that are different in relationships when they start and later on. #1. coque iphone THE TEXT MESSAGES YOU SEND ONE ANOTHER Just like all other things, saying the “Love” word on a first-time basis is super exciting. coque iphone pas cher It gets old as the relationship grows, almost automatic but that doesn’t mean it’s important. I think it becomes even more important later on. #2. HOW YOUR MAN SHOWS HE LOVES YOU At first, it’s all about little surprises, unexpected dates and romantic walks. coque iphone pas cher Later on, you want the validification of love in other ways such as if your husband will do the laundry with you or if he helps around the house. #3. HOW YOU SPEND YOUR ‘DATE NIGHTS’ The starting phases of relationships are exciting, you guys want to do stuff together and have adventures together; rightly so because having adventures makes a relationship stronger. Later on in the relationship, you guys have responsibilities and rarely get to spend time together so when you do get to spend time together you will probably want to relax so date nights = nights on the sofa together watching a dvd.. coque iphone #4. HOW YOU LET THEM SEE YOU It’s natural that when you are not acquainted with someone when you are in the process of making an impression, you will put all of your efforts into your looks and into trying to make them see your best side. Later on, these things don’t matter. Much. soldes coque iphone #5. THE THINGS THAT KEEP YOU TOGETHER The things that brought you guys together will always act as the glue in your relationship. As time passes, you guys will have more stuff to keep you guys together such as all the time invested, your children, the shared apartment, the developed understanding and last but not the least, the familiarity that comes with staying with each other for so long. #6. THE THINGS YOU DO FOR LOVE! It’s not entirely easy to judge how much someone loves you until and unless you become their responsibility and they become your responsibility. So even if he has your name tattooed on his body, what really matters is how much he is willing to contribute in the maintenance and growth of the relationship on a whole; and of the household on a miniature level. #7. HOW YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT This is why you should maintain some level of personal space at all times; otherwise, you guys could get sick of each other. Cuddling and stuff might seem heaven at first but eventually, you’re gonna wanna have your own space.. #8. HOW YOU SPEND YOUR WEEKENDS TOGETHER This is similar to how your date nights change before and after marriage. Later on, as I said earlier, you are going to want to be able to sit back and relax rather than do exciting stuff. #9. YOUR EATING HABITS This is the ultimate dream of every woman out there. coque iphone 6 We all want to get married so that we can get rid of our dieting routine and let ourselves go. This is the wrong attitude though. We should always keep ourselves fit; not just for him but for yourself.

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