8 Ways To Understand If He’s In Love With You


Men and women tend to display their love and affection differently. That’s mainly because society encourages women to be more affectionate, while men feel afraid of showing their sensitive side.

Therefore, if you’re a woman and you’re worried that your boyfriend isn’t that affectionate, no need to be confused. Maybe some males fear to become too sweet, but there are still ways to understand whether your partner is in love with you. Here are eight of them:


1. He listens to you closely.


Although most women are much better listeners than men, there are still some men with atrocious listening skills.


The funny thing is that men intently focus on things of interest. As such, when a man not only listens to you but actively pays attention and intelligently responds – that’s active listening – you can have confidence that he is smitten.


2. He makes sacrifices for you.


Making personal sacrifices is so much easier when we do it for someone we love. In fact, men in love feel tremendous discomfort at the thought of their girlfriend being unhappy – especially if there is something they can do about it.


Therefore, making sacrifices for your happiness is a way your man demonstrates his love for you. He’ll almost always put you first, even if that means changing his plans and stepping out of his comfort zone.


3. He shows vulnerability.


As previously said, most men are cautious about demonstrating any behavior which can be perceived by others as a weakness. However, when they’re in love, they often forget this attitude, and they don’t care.


If a man is in love, he is far more comfortable with feeling and acting vulnerable. His vulnerability will assuredly make some appearances throughout your relationship – especially if they’re with you only.


4. He tells you you’re beautiful, even on your ‘worst days’.


We all put a lot of effort to look our best during the early dates with our potential partners. However, after that, the actual relationship comes. While we spend more time with each other, our comfort levels build, and our need to look always perfect declines sharply. We are free to walk around in our pajamas, stain our clothes, and forgot the hair gel.


Still, if your boyfriend is truly in love with you, he will find you beautiful no matter the situation.


5. He is proud of you.


If your boyfriend is in love, he won’t be shy about showing how proud he is of you.


Whether you are a fantastic mother, a hard worker, or you’re reaching your goals, rest assured that your efforts do not go unnoticed. In fact, all of the admirable things you have done and are working towards brings him a great amount of pride and joy.


6. He fights for you.


A guy who loves you will always try their best to protect you. That can be either trying to keep you safe, defending you when someone insults you, and even truly fighting when someone tries to cause you physical harm.


7. He fights for your relationship.


If a man truly loves you and is emotionally invested in your relationship, he will try his best to avoid losing you.


They do that because they’re afraid of breaking up with you. The slightest threat to your relationship makes them worry too much. So, if anything goes wrong, they’ll always try to make things better.


8. He respects your family and friends.


If a guy knows that someone is important to the girl he loves, by default, they become important to him as well.


Therefore, if your man is in love with you, he will respect your loved ones, even if he doesn’t like them.





Reference: Power of Positivity

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