8 Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Once Victim Of Domestic Violence

We believe only lower classes of the society are violent, but what you have to say about Celebrities who have luxurious life full of fame and money? Why did they do so? Out of fit or fury? Was their man drunk or out of their mind? Domestic violence is something that has touched every class of the society. coque iphone xr It can happen to anyone and anywhere. coque iphone 7 The only thing which matters is that you need to learn how to stand up for yourself and fight back against it, like these 8 celebrities did. coque iphone 8 Mariah Carey And Tommy Mottola Mariah Carrey, in 2009 confessed that her husband Tommy Mottola was an abusive man. He made her personal and professional life hell. Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown The stormy marriage of Whitney Houston with Bobby Brown includes infidelity, drug, scandals, alcohol arrests, and many marital problems, which often ended up leaving her beaten with black and blue marks on her body. Madonna And Sean Penn The turbulent marriage of Oscar award-winning Sean Penn and Madonna ended up in 1988. As per Madonna, Penn’s violent outbursts crossed his limit on New Year Eve. coque iphone x She was being beaten, strapped on an armchair, and left all alone for nine hours in that situation. coque iphone pas cher Tina Turner And Ike Turner When Tina told Turner that due to payment issues she wants to leave the group, Turner hit her with the shoe stretcher and asked her get physical with him. coque iphone x Halle Berry Halle Berry publically accepted that her ex-boyfriend, which is still unknown, once hit her badly, which injured her ear. Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee Jones Pamela Anderson put Tommy Lee Jones behind the bars when he kicked her while she holding their child. Mel Gibson And Oksana Grigorieva In a fit of fury, Mel Gibson hit his then-wife Oksana and broke her teeth. coque iphone pas cher Denise Richards And Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen verbally abused his ex-wife, Denise Richards and threatened to kill her.

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