7 Ways to build a happy relationship

What is the way to make the relationship work in our favor? How to become a happy couple who can derive unflagging pleasure from living together? Is there a way to do it, or are some of it going well, and others have no chance? When we fall in love, we look at the world through rose-colored glasses (sometimes a bit misty in addition), but it turns out that chemistry alone is not enough to build a good relationship. This is known to couples who, despite their great beginnings, settled in the gray everyday life or parted, unable to rebuild what was devalued. The conclusion arising from conversations with lucky people and those who have failed is as follows. All relationships require effort and diligence in order to survive and evolve so that both partners still feel fulfilled. coque iphone 8 Even the happiest, healthiest relationships need common work and commitment, but the reward of lasting love is definitely worth it! Here are some points that seem very important on how to build a happy relationship? 1. Do not turn on the automatic remote control Long-term relationships have their ups and downs. It is, therefore, necessary to work actively on the relationship in each phase and solve problems immediately when they appear instead of ignoring them and hoping that they will disappear by themselves. Sincere communication is crucial! When you do not have any problems and everything goes great, it’s good to have fun, but also you need to work on creating something special every day – your relationship. 2. Build and strengthen mutual trust There is a mutual dependence in the partnership. If we are afraid of it, you will never achieve true closeness. So that you and your partner can feel comfortable, you have to be reliable and trustworthy. Being trustworthy and reliable is the best way to show that you invest in a relationship with yourself and take it seriously. Therefore, always follow the rules you set. – When you say you will do something, do it. – Keep your promises to other people too, that your word would have a real value. – Do not lie to anyone or distort the truth. soldes coque iphone 2019 – Also, show your trust. Share with your partner what is very personal to you. This can sometimes mean talking about something that your partner does not want to hear; however, honesty and openness will help build emotional intimacy and intimacy in your relationship, which will help your bond. coque iphone xs max 3. Find what unites you and does not divide you Disagreements, differences of opinion occur in even the most loving relationships and it is important to reach a compromise in a mature dispute. Therefore, do not look at the situation from the perspective of the “winner” or “loser”, and instead try to meet with the partner somewhere in the middle on the issues you are discussing. Here are some useful tips: – Always listen carefully to what your partner says before you answer. coque iphone 2019 pas cher – Avoid judging and always try to see things from your partner’s perspective as well. – Be open to his attitude 4. coque iphone Show your patience and be willing to forgive It’s important to say “I’m sorry” or “I’m letting go” and that should really mean something. Honesty, especially with regard to the apology, it is very important in a healthy relationship. To make it easier to communicate in difficult moments, when emotions seem to dominate over reason, talk to your partner openly, using the phrases “I try to be patient, but I feel frustrated because …” True forgiveness will help you go even – if there are any cracks. Patience and forgiveness are one of the strongest forms of support. 5. Take care of your personal space It is only natural that when you are in love, you want to spend as much time together as possible, but having a personal space and dedicating yourself to your favorite activities is also an important element of a happy relationship. It is very important that everyone can have some time for themselves. This independence will help you grow because each of you is an individual and will give you personal experience to share with your partner. 6. Create also a common space Having a personal space and a shared space, which consists of passions that you share, interests and forms of spending time create a good quality of life. Obligations in excess can sometimes be overwhelming, so try to always have some time to relax and enjoy the mutual closeness. It is also worth thinking about something that you could both plan together and then wait for implementation, and this will help to maintain the necessary bit of excitement in life. Small gestures creating closeness are important on a daily basis. 7. Give yourself support and encouragement As relationships get closer, we often get absorbed in work, responsibility and everyday life. The secret to successful relationships is celebrating successes and giving yourself support and encouragement to make your dreams come true. Talk about your expectations and desires and help each other, encouraging you to fulfill them. For example: help your partner prepare for the interview, give him encouragement, assure him that you believe in him, throw him a good luck card to the briefcase.

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