7 Hollywood Transformations That Will Leave You Speechless

1. Jennifer Lawrence

She went from Katniss Everdeen to an Academy Award winner with Silver Linings Playbook and back into the spotlight as Mystique in X-Men. She has also transformed her look over the years to match the diversity of her career. Is there anything she can’t do?
2. Chris Pratt

Nobody saw it coming when Chris Pratt went from being a goofball slob to a totally ripped leading man. Given his humble beginnings as a chubby weirdo on a sitcom, it’s insane to watch him hit the red carpet with a six pack as a star in some of the decade’s biggest blockbusters.
3. Christian Bale

Bale is a known for changing his body type and fearlessly immersing himself in every role he takes on. From incredible weight loss to insane weight gain, watching Bale do his chameleon thing over the course of his career is simply astounding.
4. Robert Downey, Jr.

Downey lost his boyish looks and sobered up in one of the greatest comebacks in Hollywood history. Since then, he has become the highest paid actor in tinsel town for the last three years in a row thanks to his role as Tony Stark in Iron Man and other Marvel movies!
5. Mickey Rourke

Thanks to breakout roles in Diner, Angel Heart and Rumble Fish, Mickey Rourke was on the fast track to becoming the next James Dean, with his handsome looks and tough-guy attitude. Rourke went back to boxing for nearly a decade and it left him beaten to a pulp. He then returned to acting with a vengeance and served up a career-worthy performance in The Wrestler.
6. Megan Fox

Despite still being so young, Megan Fox has reshaped her face over the years, allegedly thanks to plastic surgery. But she has remained one of Hollywood’s sassiest actresses for nearly a decade now.
7. Brad Pitt

Pitt has had more looks than a chameleon, on and off the the silver screen. Now that he’s been in the game for 25 years, we can say that he’s become one of the biggest trendsetters for men’s style.
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