6 Things She Wishes You Knew About Her

Oh, breasts. As women, we love them one minute and hate them the next. But one thing that may always remain the same is how they are treated in the bedroom. This one’s for all my guys claiming they are breast men.
Aside from knowing that they are there, how much do you really know about breasts. Do you know that we like them to be groped while doing it? Or that some of us like to breastfeed our men as a turn on? You’re about to learn what we like and more.

No Biting!
Every woman is different. While some breasts are very delicate, others can handle tougher play. But don’t go chomping away at her ta-tas. Well, unless she likes that sort of thing.

Don’t Expect to Arouse
Like I said, every woman is different. Which means they also range is sensitivity. Sucking on one woman’s nips can send her straight to ecstasy while it may not do a thing for the next woman. Don’t get discouraged and think you aren’t turning her on.

Suck More
Yes, we like that, especially during foreplay. Nothing turns us on more than breast sucking and touching.

Breastfeeding Is OK
Let me explain: Some women like to breastfeed their man and some men like being breastfed. It may be weird to you, but you may stumble on that girl who’s looking for you to latch on.

Don’t Suck Too Hard
Your mouth is not a vacuum. Some of us have just need a little suction to get the mood going. If you’re too aggressive, things can get painful.

Touch, Touch, TOUCH
Sucking isn’t the only thing that makes us aroused. While having sex, caressing our boobs intensifies our arousal. So, don’t be scared of them, grab them, play with them!

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