6+ Female Behaviors Men Can’t Resist

Ladies! Listen up, you are all beautiful incredible beings with the power to entrance any man with your womanly ways if you just open up and allow yourself to be your naturally unique selves. Men are simple creatures! We don’t have to put on any sort of show or make ourselves something we are not to get their attention. Men love women for being WOMEN. So embrace the seductress within, grab ahold of your natural beauty and grace, and watch the men swoon! And if you need some little tips and tricks, here are some female behaviors that no man can resist.

When You Slightly Bite Your Lip

There is something adorably innocent about a woman who bites her lip when she is nervous or thinking about something. This move elicits a feeling of affection in men and they feel instantly more drawn to a woman. It also draws attention to your mouth, which men love to fantasize about.

Smooth Skin

Slather on the moisturizer, because a man is a sucker for the soft and smooth skin. It is a natural contrast to a man’s whose can be a bit more rough and weathered. Try and exfoliate in the shower and then after bathing cover your body with a rich body butter to lock in moisture.

Pull Your Hair Off Your Neck

Maybe it is just casually tied back in a bun at the nape of your neck while you are working. Or maybe it is pulled up high and tight because you just worked out. Men love being able to see the lines of your neck, the top of your back and how your hair wisps around your ears.

Unique Style

When You Were A Man’s Shirt

It is a visual that will keep his head spinning for hours on end. You casually wearing a man’s button-down shirt. Even if you are wearing it tucked into a pencil skirt at the office, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you wearing it with nothing underneath.

An Over The Shoulder Glance

Women make this kind of seductive moves without thinking all of the time. We happen to look over our shoulder and give eye contact. We actually blink more than men and it created a flirtatious effect. You are probably flirting now without even realizing it!


Whoever you are, whatever color, shape, size, background, sexual preference you are. If you have self-confidence you will slay. That’s it, the end, period. You are wonderful, amazing, and sexy just the way you are. Own it! Work it! And watch the date invites come flying your way.

Bare Shoulders

Whether it is a strapless dress or a blowy peasant top with off the shoulder cutouts. Or even just an oversized sweater that seems to fall off your shoulder accidentally. Men love to see those beautiful bare shoulders. It’s feminine and unassuming. Show off the beautiful bod.

Walking In Heels

This may feel like a torture sentencing for some women. Heels are definitely not the most comfortable things in the whole world. But most women have that one pair that is so comfy they could run a mile in them. Strap those on, and feel like your sexiest self.

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