6 fatal mistake when eating eggs that must stop immediately before it’s too late

Eggs contain a lot of nutrients that are good for health, but eating eggs incorrectly can easily turn into harming factors for the human body.

Although egg dishes are very familiar with daily meals, not everyone knows how to eat eggs properly.

Here are 6 mistakes that often occur when eating eggs that directly affect health.

1. Boiled eggs for too long

Most people have the habit of boiling eggs thoroughly cooked, this is completely wrong because boiling eggs too long accidentally lose valuable nutrients in this food.

Even if eggs are overcook , the protein in the egg may disappear. Therefore, it is enough to boil eggs only for 8-14 minutes.

2. Fry eggs for too long

To have a good fried egg you need to pay attention to processing time. Absolutely should not fry eggs for too long that the protein of iron ions will combine and create insoluble sulfur ions of iron sulfides, making it difficult for the body to fully absorb.

In addition, too deep frying eggs makes amino acids turn into chemicals that are harmful to human health.

Don’t fry eggs too long time

3. Eat raw eggs for thinking that raw eggs more nutritious

Many people think that eating raw eggs will have more nutrients than cook eggs. However, this is a completely wrong view.

Nutrition experts said that eating raw eggs not only hygienic, susceptible to bacteria but also reduce the nutrient content in this food.

In addition, the presence of avidin in the raw eggs affects the absorption of biotin in the food so it is easy to cause symptoms of deficiency of biotin in the body causing poor eating feeling, weak body. ..

Eating raw eggs is hygienic, susceptible to bacteria.

4. Seasoning the eggs with the MSG(monosodium glutamate)

Vietnamese often have the habit of adding the MSG at the time of processing the dishes in general and eggs in particular. However, adding the MSG will affect the nutrients in the egg.

Adding the MSG will affect the nutrients in the egg.

5.Drink tea immediately after eating chicken eggs

The habit of drinking tea after meals is something most people have. Especially after eating the food like egg, the tea drink will reduce the smell and reduce the feeling of abdominal obesity.

However, this is completely wrong because when eating eggs, the amount of protein combined with tannic acid in tea causes indigestion due to decreased bowel peristalsis.

Don’t have some tea after eating eggs!

6.Eat eggs and drink soy milk at the same time

Many people eat eggs and drinking soy milk at the same time without knowing the amount of protein in the egg when combined with trysin in soy milk will prevent the process of decomposition, absorption of protein in the body.

Eat eggs and drink soy milk at the same time is the bad idea!

Chicken eggs, duck eggs are familiar food in the daily meals of each family. Eggs contain a large amount of nutrients. Some studies have shown that egg yolks contain oleic acid, which helps prevent cardiovascular disease, vitamins A, D, E, K, phosphorus, iron, and many other minerals that are good for human health.

In addition, eggs contain lecithin necessary for the development of the brain and lower cholesterol in the body.

Eggs can be made into various dishes such as boiled eggs, eggs, egg soup, fried eggs, fried eggs …

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