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5 Ways To Spot A Fake Friend

If you’re too nice, it’s easy to think that others are as nice as you are. Unfortunately, that often prevents you from understanding people’s true motives.

Kindness is great, but sometimes you need to be careful with those who enter your life. We meet hundreds of new people over the years, but how many of them are really our friends?

While many of the people we meet leave a lasting mark, and others go unnoticed, the most valuable ones are those who make us better people. Unfortunately, though, we often meet people who at first seem to be nice but turn out to be toxic. These people are skillful enough to trick you into believing that they are your real friends. In the end, they will always show their masks, but it’d be much easier if we were able to determine it earlier.

If you have trouble telling real and fake friends apart, here are some ways to help you:
1) Fake friends aren’t trustworthy.
A true friend will never ever betray your trust. Your secrets will always be safe with them. A fake friend, however, will tell your secrets to everyone they know. But how will you know whether they’ll do it? Well, it’s simple. If they’re telling you other people’s secrets, then never, ever, confide in them.

2) Fake friends are never there when you truly need them.
Real friends will always find time to spend with you, and they’ll be there to celebrate your success or cry with you when you fail. Fake friends only find excuses.

3) Real friends keep in touch even when they’re busy.
Real friends keep in touch, as they’re really interested in your life and care for you. Fake friends will be there only when they need something from you.

4) Fake friends are never supportive.
Real friends will always support you and encourage you to follow your dreams. Fake friends will make you feel worthless and discourage you.

5) Fake friends will always point out your flaws.
A real friend will love you for who you are. Fake friends won’t be able to accept you, and they’ll always remind you of all your flaws and past mistakes.

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