5 Fashion Habits That Make You Look Boring


Wearing pumps with dresses and sneakers with jeans Long gone are the days when you had to create a perfect style that was either casual, glamorous, tomboy-ish, or punk. coque iphone pas cher Now is the time when you can mix different styles in a unique way, creating your own trends and looks. Here’s a simple trick that will make you look fresh in an instant – just change the shoes! Wear some cool-looking pumps with slim jeans and put on a pair of sneakers for that cute maxi dress you love so much – and voila! You will immediately feel and look much better than you’ve had in days, if not months. You don’t wear accessories because you’re afraid to look silly Nowadays even guys aren’t afraid to experiment with accessories, so why are you? It’s true that things can easily go south if you put on too many accessories, but if you wear too little your look will fail to impress anyone, including you. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules: make sure you wear no more than 4 accessories if they’re large in size; if you opt for bright clothes then you should wear subtle accessories and vice versa; wear large rings only if they really suit you; gloves should match at least one other item on you. coque iphone 2019 soldes Now you’re good to go! Your bag, shoes, and belt are always of the same color Matching all your accessories hasn’t been a rule for quite some time now. coque iphone In fact, the more you experiment with colors, the better! Yes, we understand it’s easier to just match everything and be done with it, but you’ll look much more interesting and trendy if you style yourself differently. For example, when you have really bright shoes, it’s better if you choose a bag that is more subtle in color. Unless, of course, you want to really stand out, then you should definitely go for it! Your wardrobe looks like a zebra Don’t get us wrong here, there’s nothing bad about wearing black and white, in fact, it’s one of those palettes that will never go out of trend no matter what happens in the fashion world. But nature created all those colors for a reason, right? Depending on your complexion, you will look good in pastels or vibrant colors, dim chocolate hues or cold blues and violets. coque iphone There are so many palettes to choose from! Of course, you need to have that classy little black dress in your closet, but try investing into something more colorful to express your individuality. You are always buttoned to the throat Unless you’re going for a specific style that requires wearing a tie, there’s really no reason whatsoever to walk around with your shirt or blouse all buttoned up to the throat. coque iphone You won’t lose an ounce of modesty if you unbutton just a little bit, in fact, this way you will look more natural and we guarantee that you will also feel better, not mentioning all the cute little accessories you can wear around your neck.

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