22 Impressive Then And Now Photos That Show How Much The World Has Changed


Slowly, day by day, the world is changing its reflection as we know it. Sometimes people don’t even notice that all those supposedly small changes were happening right in front of their eyes. Thanks to the people who re-take famous photos from the past and juxtapose them to their historical counterpart, we are able to see and compare the past and the present. The art form of repeating a photography of the same site, with a time lag between the two shots, and creating a “then and now” view of a certain place is named rephotography.

Here are some of the most fascinating now and then photos from around the world, courtesy of AuntyAcid. Check them out and be amazed at how much the world has changed.

1. Moulin Rouge, Paris, France, 1900 and 2016

Except for the windmill, everything else has changed since 1900.

2. The Reichstag, Berlin, Germany, 1945 and 2012

The restoration is amazing and the area is much cleaner.

3. The Karlstor, Munich, Germany 1946 and 2017

The original sign over the archway is now more relevant than ever.

4. Paris, France, 1900 and 2017

This picture is history itself, even though the bridge hasn’t changed much.

5. St. Matthew Evangelical Church, Łódź, Poland, 1937 and 2017

The stained glass windows are simply magnificent.

6. Engabreen glacier, Norway, 1889 and 2010

The glacier is no more and the seas are rising.

7. Rysstad, Norway, 1888 and 2013

Only the white church in the background proves that this is the same place. It is almost unrecognizable.

8. Kjeåsen Railway Bridge, Kjeåsen, Norway, 1927 and 2008


9. Marcin Street, Poznań, Poland, 1945 and 2017


Post-war destruction vs Modernity.

10. Frauenkirche Dresden, Dresden, Germany, 1897 and 2010


The impressive restoration, after the building was destroyed in the Second World War.

11. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, 1910 and 2016


The originally curved viewing platforms are awesome as well, but sadly gone.

12. Martin Luther Statue, Dresden, Germany, 1958 and 2014


In front of the Frauenkirche, which purposefully stood in ruin for decades as a warning against the destruction of war, before it was restored in the nineties and noughties.

13. The Grinnell Glacier, Montana, USA, 1911 and 2008


Another glacier that is almost no more.

14. Horse Cart and Steam Locomotive, Mont Saint-Michel, France, 1908 and 2016


15. Corner of Ratajczaka and Św. Marcin Streets, Poznań, Poland, 1945 and 2017


16. Osnabrück Central Railway Station, Germany, 1965 and 2015


Many cars have been replaced by bikes. Good job.

17. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, 1900 and 2017


The globe in the first photo is advertising the Exposition Universelle, a world’s fair held in Paris in 1900.

18. Hobfräuhaus München, Germany, 1910 and 2017


19. St-Gervais-Et-St-Protais, France, 1918 and 2017


20. Quai Des Nations, Paris, France, 1900 and 2017


21. Hammerfest, Norway, 1889 and 2004


22. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, the 70s and now


It looks almost nothing like the 1970s, right?

Source:  auntyacid
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