30 Girls Justin Bieber Has Date With


He may be adamant that he’s a single Pringle. However, Justin Bieber has always been linked with a horde of ridiculously gorgeous women – let’s just have a look at the ladies he has been associated with and actually has slept with.

1: Caitlin Beadles

Justin and Caitlin met at the church when he moved to Atlanta. They were dating for like a year until she finally broke up with him in the year 2009 as his career was taking off and she didn’t want to be in the spotlight. Although, they were still good friends even after the breakup. Justin also talked very openly about Caitlin in his interviews, and also in few of the songs that he wrote for his first album and some for his second were about Caitlin including “Never Let You Go.” They’re still friends to this day and occasionally hang out

2: Jessica Jarrell

She is a singer, an actress, and also a model.

Jessica is signed to Island Def. Jam – Mercury records.

In the year 2010, she did a duet with the teen sensation at that time Justin Bieber in the song overboard, and she was on the “My World 2.0 Tour” with Justin performing some of the hit songs.

She is a good friend with Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson.

3: Miley Cyrus

It might seem like that they have been separated at birth, but Miley and Justin’s rumored affair is one of the strangest one until now. Also, an American magazine claimed that Miley and Justin hooked up and she got pregnant. However, the ‘Wrecking Ball’ star hit back by posting a picture of the magazines cover mocking that fact, that has been claiming that Miley and Selena had been pregnant by the same man, captioned “and by that we mean Justin Bieber.” Well not sure if that’s true though. Rumors are rumors, what can we say and these celebrities do have a controversial life, at least Miley and Justin, both do.

4: Mandy Rain

Mandy Rain, is an American recording artist, dancer, and actress. Rain started her acting career at a young age. In 2007, Rain auditioned for Star Camp, a Nickelodeon television show that focuses on the making of a super star musical group.

5: Kristen Rodeheaver

Justin Bieber featured actress Kristen Rodeheaver in his “One Time” music video in the summer of 2009, and it created a huge buzz about their relationship being more than business. They were photographed together a handful of times, but never admitted that they ever dated.

6: Selena Gomez

Anyone who follows music scene knows their affair. Justin Bieber cannot get over her. He dated her for about three years (from 2010 to 2013). However, it has been rumored several times after their breakup that they have reunited. Selena is now dating The Weeknd and it seems Bieber will remember Selena for a long time.

7: Barbara Palvin

Justin and ANOTHER Victoria’s Secret model, eh. Justin and Barbara were rumored to be hooking up. After the pair were tweeting each other, and they were spotted hanging out on several occasions. The Beliebers quickly unearthed a video of Barbara saying that she doesn’t like Selena.

8: Miranda Kerr

Miranda is a Victoria Secret model. Bieber started taking interest in this gorgeous beauty but it not ended well as her ex Orlando Bloom punched the singer. This happened when bother were in the Ibiza and getting close on one of the Victoria Secret event. However, Bieber did not take the lesson and posted Miranda’s picture on his Instagram account as a way to taunt Bloom, but deleted immediately. Journalist and fans could not confirm whether it was true or not. May be Bieber likes to date older woman but we cannot blame him as Miranda is really sexy.

9: Milyn Jensen

The girl credited for the break up of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez says she was ‘absolutely shocked’ when she found out she was the reason for their split.

10: Jordan Ozuna

He sparked rumours he may have found a new love interest after pictures of him kissing and cuddling Las Vegas waitress Jordan Ozuna earlier this month.

But now it has emerged that the 22-year-old model and waitress is still married – according to her estranged mother Kim Ozuna.

11: Tati Neves

‘He’s very good in bed’: Tati Neves, the Brazilian model now claims she HAD sex with Justin Bieber

12: Rita Ora

In her several interviews, Rita gave hints that she liked Justin Bieber and we completely agree with her. Many sources have blamed Bieber for her breakup with Calvin Harris. They both worked on music together and they got too close during the recordings.

13: Chantel Jeffries

Bieber and Chantel Jeffries first started hanging out together in 2014, and she was present for Bieber’s DUI arrest in Miami.

14: Kylie Jenner

Well they both are really good friends though but Justin posted a selfie in bed after a night in LA with her. Kylie also revealed her special bonding with beiber in an interview with ELLE UK Magazine.

15: Yovanna Ventura

We have seen that time when Bieber used to post her picture after picture on his social networking accounts but all of a sudden, she disappeared from the scene. Sources claimed they were dating each other but now it’s safe to say it is over now.

16: Adriana Lima

Justin and Adriana were rumored to be hooked up at Cannes in the year 2014. After he pursued her hard, and the duo left together at around 5 am in the morning according to US Weekly. The boy has a serious something for Victoria’s Secret model!

17: Kayla Phillips

They met they flirted, he wrapped his arms around her, they exchanged phone numbers and something might have happened between them as well keeping Justin’s reputation in mind.

18: Alyssa Arce

Bieber was snapped hooking up with Alyssa Arce, Alyssa is signed with Wilhelmina LA, and when they met she hit it off almost instantaneously, and ended up hanging on the same yacht. Funny thing is how that also happened in Ibiza.

19: Kendall Jenner

He is a great mate with the entire Kardashian clan. However, it was rumored that Justin and Kendall hooked up after bystanders saw the pair looking very cozy at Coachella.

20: Lira Galore

Galore has been linked to Justin Bieber and Drake while she was also engaged to Rick Ross.

21: Ashley Moore

Justin Bieber was pictured solicitously sauntering with the Instagram model Ashley Moore, in the Hollywood Hills.

22: Shanina Shaik

Shahina and Justin shared a lovely weekend together when they were seen at a pool party with each other ahead of the Pacquiao/Mayweather boxing match, which Justin Beiber took Shanina to as his date. Where Justin was evidently proud of taking the model as his date, the pair hasn’t really been seen together much since.

23: Cindy Kimberly

24: Jayde Pierce

Justin Bieber was snapped with the aspiring British model Jayde several times while she was over in LA for a few weeks sparking rumors that she may be his new love interest. However, it looks like these two probably were just friends as we’ve not heard Bieber mention, Miss Pierce, since.

25: Kourtney Kardashian

This pair was alleged to be hooking up after they were seen at a nightclub in LA and later that night Kourtney was seen leaving (The Montage Beverly Hills hotel) one of Justin’s most liked places to stay at 4 AM. He earlier said that he felt used by the reality star. And she supposedly regrets the trysts.

26: Hailey Baldwin

Another lady Justin has been pictured with quite a LOT is Hailey Baldwin – and the couple always looks VERY close. Though the pair has always maintained that they are just good friends, they certainly love spending a lot of half naked time together.

27: Nicola Peltz

Nicola Peltz and Justin Bieber used to have sleepovers at his Beverly Hills Home…

28: Amanda Cerny

The rumor came to life when Cerny posted quite a romantic and cozy video of them together. They spent a Friday night. In the video, the couple is dancing to the Guns & Roses song (Paradise City) you can check it on YouTube like if you want to.

29: Sahara Ray

The singer relished a skinny dipping session with the Australian model Sahara Ray this week – and she took to social media to share footage of their outing.

30: Sofia Richie

Justin is now rumored to be dating Lionel Richie’s daughter, Sofia. At the age of 17, she is one of Bieber’s younger girlfriends, but they’ve been spotted cozying around.

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