23 Foot, 7 Meter Python Swallows a Villager Whole

23 Foot, 7 Meter Python Swallows a Villager Whole

In a central Indonesian village, a horrifying incident stretching the boundaries of probability occurred recently.

A 23 foot, or 7 meter long python swallowed a woman whole. Inside the reticulated python, the body of 54 year old woman Wa Tiba was discovered, on the island of Muna near her home village.

On Thursday evening she went missing, as reported by the Jakarta Post. She went to go check up on a nearby field of vegetables, and went missing sometime shortly after that.

A dedicated team of people, over 100 villagers and her family proceeded to search for the woman after she didn’t go home the following morning.

The morning they started to search for her, it wasn’t too difficult to find out what happened. What was described as a trail of her belongings led up to the enormously bloated python. The people searching for her decided to cut open the belly of the python, and they were sad to find the woman’s body.

Faris, a village chief said to reporters “When they cut open the snake’s belly they found Tiba’s body still intact with all her clothes. She was swallowed first from her head.”

It seems that this village is full of good people who truly do honor the people who pass away in the community. Wa Tiba was honored to receive a burial ceremony that afternoon, in accordance with some local spiritual customs.


The species that brought about the end of this woman’s life is known as the reticulated python, or Python reticulatus. It isn’t usually thought to be much of a threat to human beings, but apparently that isn’t a very impenetrable boundary.

The species is native to southeast Asia. Being non-venomous reptiles, they normally feed on a diet of small mammals that don’t include humans, such as rats, pigs, sometimes even monkeys.

Sadly, this woman was probably killed by the giant snake before she was swallowed, despite the common sense thought that perhaps she could have survived being swallowed whole.

Reticulated pythons actually happen to be the longest of all known snakes, and also the third heaviest, with the heaviest ones being the Burmese python (Python bivittatus), and the South American Green anaconda (Eunectes murinus).

33 feet long or ten meters: that’s the longest reported reticulated python ever, though it has been suggested that this is an overstated claim by some scientists.

As far as officially recorded long reticulated pythons, one of them named Samantha measured a whopping 26 feet or 7.9 meters long.

This was an extremely strange incident, and it’s sad that a good woman living a quite agrarian, down to Earth life in a community of good people had to lose her life.

This doesn’t usually happen, but last year in central Indonesia a 25 year old harvester of palm oil was found inside the body of a reticulated python as well. I guess if a snake is massive and a human is small enough, they may consider it a ripe time to strike. Life is crazy.

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