22 Thought-Inspiring Illustrations Show a World Where Animals Treat Humans as We Treat Them

In the past several years, a certain genre of illustration has emerged on the Internet and it is spread through news articles like this one. Sort of like the modern day version of newspaper cartoons but more graphic and varying in content thanks to the internet, a new genre of illustration is here.

In this article, you’ll find 22 illustrations that place humans in the position that animals are currently in: being harvested for everything they have, living their lives like this constantly.

This one is disturbing on a few different levels. We’re being harvested as human beings with the monetary system and wage slavery already, we’re not the only ones doing the harvesting: it’s more like, people at the very top of the human power pyramid force the rest of humanity to harvest the other animals. Of course, some people do it out of their own volition as well.

Ever leave your dog out in the rain on purpose? I hope not, I don’t know any good dog owner who would.

Hunting animals that don’t need to be hunted is something that is just inherently dark about life on Earth. It’s weird that we have to eat at all in this existence.

Every day it seems like a circus is more of a disturbing concept.

Ever accidentally caught a baby shark when fishing in the ocean?

Horses are made to be tools of human beings, and have been for so long. What humans need to do is treat animals with respect and keep the relationship mutually beneficial.

Rhinos are going extinct and poaching is a serious problem.

Why would somebody wear a rabbit foot around their neck?

Too many phones: welcome to the 21st Century.

This one is creepy, look at those little human beings. What if some other creatures exist on Earth that harvest some kind of energy from our emotions and we can’t even see them? Who says we are the biggest predator?

We eat so many cows, how many do you think you have consumed in a life time?

The gun being bent in this illustration makes no sense.

This one isn’t about treating animals so badly, it’s a nice thing to feed birds some bread.

A matador is a disturbing occupation. It may not have seemed immoral in the Colonial days when everything was brutal, but people can certainly see it for what it is now.

Foxes make great pets too, look it up.

Boiling lobsters alive is a truly horrific practice, and anybody with a shred of a conscience can probably agree upon that.

This type of treatment is already inflicted upon humans, it’s called mandatory vaccination.

Also keep in mind some birds are perfectly happy in well maintained, sizeable cages.

This type of illustration has probably existed for a long time.

It’s the same type of illustration from the cow one above.

Ants under a magnifying glass.

This one looks more like a painting. This that lion winking? The facial expression similarity to cocky human beings is hilarious.

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