21 Rules Every Marriage Should Follow

There is a lot of research done on what is the key to a happy relationship. Marriage is a complicated institution, and one needs to put in great effort to make it work. You do not need a long list of quotes to run your marriage or read long books on it. We have made your life a little easy and jotted down some rules you can follow to make your relationship run smoothly.

Here are the 21 rules you should follow for a happy and stable marriage:

#1 If you focus on the right qualities of your partner, it will make it easier for you to ignore their imperfections. So, overlook the bad habits he or she has because no one is perfect.

#2 It is important to keep yourself happy. You cannot pour out of an empty jug, so work on the things that make you happy. If you are a happy person, that is exactly what you will give your partner.

#3 The power of forgiveness is a great quality. If you are capable of forgiving your partner for the mistakes he makes, your relationship will only become more loving.

#4 Your relationship is in your hands, so you decide what you want to do with it. It is never a good idea to control your partner or force him/her to do things they do not want to.

#5 Marriage needs to be looked at as a unit that is a part of you. Do not look at it as a separate thing. Take care of it and nurture it, as you do with yourself.

#6 Never hide the love you feel for your partner. Expressing it will only make your bond stronger.

#7 When you focus on the good things in the relationship, it motivates it to go in a positive direction. If you appreciate the good things your partner does, he will want to do it more.

#8 Can you pour out of an empty jug? Same is the case with you, take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

#9 Making mistakes only helps you learn and teaches you not to do them again. So when you learn, you will only grow.

#10 If you are not growing as a person, majority chances are that your relationships will not grow either. So learn every day and nurture yourself to feed your relationship.

#11 Do not get sucked into the vicious cycle of a routine. Living in the present is important.

#12 Make a conscious effort to see the good in each other every day. Appreciate and be thankful for the good things that you have in your relationship.

#13 It is important to make small gestures of kindness every day. This consistent effort will go a long way. Be it a surprise breakfast of a text that tells them how much they mean to you.

#14 Your love should not only be expressed in words, it should be seen in but your actions also. Love is articulated more in doing things for your partner, not just claiming it.

#15 You cannot neglect your relationship and magically expect it to grow. You have to give time and effort for it to become healthy.

#16 Everyone has flaws, so accept your partner for who he/she is.

#17 Small things say ‘I love you’ more than grand gestures that are shown once a year.

#18 When a relationship is going good, there is no difficulty there. But when a relationship is faced with problems, which is when you need to put your efforts in. Give support to each other and keep your bond strong.

#19 Do not let the damage to your relationship pile up. It is easy to deal with things when they are done step by step rather than when they turn into a mountain.

#20 Taking the time out to think is important. Let your mind wander and keep your thoughts positive. This will help your relationship to thrive.

If you are in for the long haul, give it your best. There will be ups and downs, and no connection is stagnant.

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