2-meter king cobra falls down from the sky, which makes all the villagers scary

Recently, there is a video appearing online recorded the image of a huge king cobra. Its body is more than two meters long, it suddenly appeared as it fell from the sky.

A crowd of young people tried to catch it, one person pulled the snake tail, others used sticks to catch the alive animal. Many curious people stand by the side of the road to witness the unique scene.


It is known that the snake was carried in a car by a man. When he was driving, the snake suddenly crawl out of the cage. As soon as the group caught successfully, the owner and brought the snake into the car immediately. This snake is a poisonous one.

The brave man held the tail of the snake.

It turned out that the snake crawl out of the cage from a car.

Many people tried to catch the snake.

The snake is very long and poisonous.

After catching the snake, the owner brought it back to the cage.

Watching video:

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