17 Intriguing Facts About The Female Body

When it comes to creativity, women have a huge advantage because of the way their brains are wired.
The brain is a complex network, and like all networks, it has to remain connected in order to work efficiently. But studies have shown that women’s brains have a more efficient network than men, which amps up their creativity.

       Don’t believe the hype that men are more rational than women, because it’s quite the opposite.
A wide array of cognitive and general intelligence tests have revealed that women have a thicker brain cortex than men. This means that women are far more rational versus men who have higher brain volumes and are far more emotional.

Women can’t handle their liquor as well as men can because they have less water in their tissues.
The lack of water makes it more difficult for women’s bodies to process alcohol before it gets to the blood. Women also sweat a lot less than guys do, which means that their bodies can’t cool off as fast. Women’s hemoglobin levels are also 12% lower than their counterparts.


The diameter of women’s hair is twice as small as men, which could explain why their hair thins out.
When women’s hair starts to thin, it can be scarier than when it happens to men, who have coarser hair. But on average, people lose up to 100 strands of hair per day, regardless of the gender. Another interesting tidbit is that hair diameter will vary between races too.

You’re aware that women’s taste buds are more intricate than men’s, but it turns out their sense of smell is better too.
In humanity’s humble beginnings, women were the ultimate gatherers, so they relied on their sense of smell in order to pick food for their family to survive. But in today’s modern world, that heightened sense of smell can be used to smell a lovely flower given to them by a significant other.

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