17 Intriguing Facts About The Female Body

Female skin is a lot more sensitive to the elements because it’s not as thick or as oily as men’s skin.

Women will find that they have a lower tolerance for ultraviolent radiation, and a lot of things can trigger irritability on their skin like stress, pollution, and nutrition. They’re more prone to dryness and flaking especially when the weather is cold and the humidity is low.

           Next time you watch the Olympics, pay close attention to the way women flex their muscles.
The muscular structure in women contains higher levels of elastin than men. The levels also apply to tendons as well. This makes women a whole lot more flexible when it comes to sports and everyday activities.

Women have a lot more range of motion in their necks compared to men and there’s a reason for that.
You may have noticed how women turn their heads when their names are called, while men have to turn their entire body. The reason for this is that women have more elasticity in their muscles. So next time you’re dancing at a nightclub, give that neck a nice stretch.

           Studies seem to suggest that women’s taste buds are far more superior to men’s taste buds.
Women are able to figure out the differences in taste because they have more fungiform papillae, which are the taste areas of their mouths and they have more taste buds on their tongues too, which gives them quite an advantage in a taste testing challenge.

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