16 Strange But Genius Inventions That Only The Japanese Could Have Invented

16 Strange But Genius Inventions That Only The Japanese Could Have Invented

Technology and gadgets are a wonderful and fun thing that humans have been developing and enhancing since the dawn of time. But let’s be real, a lot of those super cool and ‘futuristic’ style gadgets seem to come from one place.

From the land of cherry blossoms and sake also comes tons of cool and unique inventions that can be surprisingly useful to the Westerners over here. From fun kitchen hacks to silly but useful products, the Japanese have come up with some awesome things.

It isn’t even just products either, the Japanese are also behind concepts such as cat and dog cafes. These are environments where attendees can come and enjoy a coffee as well as hanging out with a furry friend. Basically, Japan is way ahead of us all and we need to catch up.Here are 16 wild Japanese products that are so wild, you will want to get your hands on one of them yourself.

1. Have you ever had an itch that was so specific and annoying to reach, but you just couldn’t direct your friend to the correct location? Well, then this shirt is definitely for you. It’s like a back scratch battle ship.

2. As someone who hates standing while commuting, this would definitely be useful. Think of how much standing space would be saved if everyone had a little pocket side seat.

3. These shoes are flexible and can stretch right around your feet so you don’t have to tie, buckle, or clip anything. Just pull them on and you’re good to go.

4. Chopsticks, meet fan. Now you don’t have to spend time blowing on your noodles or ramen. You just pick up a mouthful and you’re good to go.

5. Have you got small thumbs? Fear not. This thumb extender can totally do the trick if you’re dealing with a large screened smart phone but you have teeny tiny fingers.

6. Okay so this might look a bit silly, but to be honest… During a bad cold wouldn’t this be a savior? No longer would you have to get up from bed to blow your nose. Just reach on up.

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