16 Mind-Bending 3D Art Pieces By Portuguese Graffiti Artist Odeith

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Drawing this type of box is probably as close to 3D art as most of us will ever get. Some artists, however, take 3D art to a whole new level – like Portuguese graffiti artist Odeith. He uses spray paint to create incredibly detailed 3D optical illusions that will no doubt mess with your mind.

With over 450k followers on Instagram, Odeith is a pretty well-known artist – and he never ceases to surprise us. He recently stunned people with his incredible skill once again, this time by completely transforming an old concrete block into a broken-down bus.

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Image credits: odeith

Odeith posted a picture of the concrete block with the question: “What do you think is going to be painted this time?”

In an interview with Bored Panda, the artist said he wasn’t really inspired to create the incredible art piece after first seeing the concrete block – he didn’t even get the paint from his car. That, however, changed after Odeith got some sleep. He went over to the same spot the next day and completed the painting in 10 hours, using about 30 spray cans. He says it is a perfect fit and completely different from all of his pieces.

Odeith says that out of all the fans who tried to guess what he’ll draw, only one got it right.

The mind-bending end result surprised everyone

Fans were stunned by the incredible art piece and it quickly went viral, gathering over 150k likes on Instagram.

Odeith currently resides in Lisbon and works as a full-time artist. He worked for many international clients, including The Coca-Cola Company, Samsung, Estradas de Portugal, and the London Shell.

Check out more of Odeith’s incredible 3D art pieces below!




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