16 Japanese School Rules That Seem Strange To The Rest Of The World

13. Swimming Lessons: Most schools in Japan have a swimming pool and students are required to learn to swim a certain distance. The lessons are treated very seriously and are apart of the curriculum. If a student fails, they have to take the training over the summer.

14. Kancho: While this is more of a tradition among young school kids than a rule, it’s quite common for Japanese students to perform this silly prank. It involves using the index fingers pressed together to poke someone in the behind. When teachers come overseas to Japan, they are often warned of this little game.

15. Substitute teacher: For some people, when a substitute teacher took over class for a day it was an excuse to be lazy and slack off. In Japan, there are rarely substitute teachers. Another teacher in the school may check in on the class but for the most part students are required to study on their own and be on their best behavior.

16. Curfew: Imagine having the same curfew as all of your friends when you were younger. That’s exactly how it is for Japanese youth. Students are required to be home by 10 PM and are prohibited from having sleepovers with friends.

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