16 Japanese School Rules That Seem Strange To The Rest Of The World

9. Uniform: If you wore a uniform in school, chances are you found a way to spruce it up by playing with makeup and accessories. For students in Japan, there are several rules regarding how the uniform should be worn.These rules have to be maintained even after students leave the building in order to represent the school well.

10. Accessories: In some schools you’re not allowed to change your physical appearance. This means no hair dye, makeup, contacts, and some schools even prohibit grooming eyebrows and painting nails.

11. Sweater: Students are not allowed to wear a colored jacket over their uniform. Only tan, navy, black, or gray. There is also no jewelry allowed.

12. Cell Phones: Students are not allowed to use their cell phone while inside the school. Instead, they are required to use their phones between classes or after school in the parking lot or front entrance of the school.

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