16 Japanese School Rules That Seem Strange To The Rest Of The World

5. Summer: If you think your school vacations were short, 2 months of time would seem like a lot to a student in Japan. Students receive a small 5-6 week break starting on July 20 and lasting until the end of August. However, during this time students often show up to class anyways to either study, work on their hefty homework load, or to participate in school clubs.

6. Weekends: Up until the year 1992, weekends in Japan were only 1 day long until the government decided to give students more time to relax. Despite the change, many high schools ignore this rule and still offer classes on Saturdays.

7. Relationships: In Japan, many high schools have a rule in place prohibiting students from having open relationships. This is to make sure that each student is strictly focused on their studies.

8.Hair: There are several strict rules dedicated to how students present themselves and a lot of them are related to hair. Though school is the time to play around with your look and try new things, there are a few limitations when it comes to certain schools in Japan. Girls are not allowed to have bangs longer than their eyebrows and are not allowed to wear colorful scrunchies. Boys are not allowed to have long facial hair and it’s to be kept neat and trimmed at all times.

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