16 Incredible Comparisons That Are Too Crazy To Believe (16 Pics)

The grass is always greener into the neighbor’s yard, right? Have you ever asked yourself why is that so? The true reason lies in fact that, as humans, we are taught to compare things. Try to think about it, how our comparisons don’t actually last till marks, the color of the car, the respective incomes, or do they? Instead, they appear as rational thoughts but they can go up to absolutely insane levels, the beauty of the wife, the number of diamonds in necklace and of course, size of a certain body parts.

Some comparisons are not really unnecessary but, on the other hand, they are hilariously funny, aren’t they? Because, the best part of our job is to make sure you have smile on your face, we found 16 such comparisons for you which are way too crazy. The list includes Snoop Dogg (twice), Shaquille O’Neal, Kim Kardashian and much more. Enter the realms of craziness!


1. Lil Wayne in search for the path which will lead him to his planet.


2. Miley Cyrus or giraffe? Who did it better! Our vote goes to giraffe.


3. The Olsen twins truly resemble a fictional character?


4. Richard Branson. This is called a real doppelgänger


5. We’ve told you Snoop will be on the list, didn’t we?


6. You have to reckon Taylor Lautner looks good with a beard, doesn’t he?


7. Kim Kardashian competing with the whale in curve game!


8. Samuel L Dogson wanted a dawg, got a dog instead.


9. Turkey Cyrus. This is why we love turkeys.


10. Nicki Minaj. Who did it better?


11. Salazar Slytherin would be proud of the next heir of Slytherin!


12. And here is our old friend Snoop, again.


13. Donald Trump. A presidential ham.


14. We won’t be able to look at Beyonce the same way again.


15. If you know what we mean, just leave it there.


16. Shaq… We give you freedom to interpret this pic.



Images source: ia.wittyfeed.me

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