15 Things Every Girl Hides From Her Guy


Every wife has their own logical reasons, as to why they hide certain things from their hubby. They marry, they have kids, they take care of the house, they do everything under the sun to build a happy home. Without a wife, a hubby is handicapped, but every wife hides some very dark secrets, which they will never tell anyone at any cost, lest the home’s peaceful atmosphere becomes hazardous.

Well, these women remain mysterious, as they are called the better half, which says it all. No matter how honest she may have been, yet there are things hidden within her, which she will never expose. They are the queen of hiding strange things from their hubby, but from their point of view, those things are logical to them.


15. The Ex-Factor

Men feel proud to share their past but not women. There’s a fear which always dwells in her and it’s pretty logical because her past can jeopardize her married life. As you see no hubby, will ever be able to digest the truth about his wife’s love stories and can ever picture her being in someone else’s arms.


14. Always Playing Second Fiddle To The Mother-In-Law

A wife always plays second fiddle to her mother-in-law. Every wife prefers privacy and the in-laws tend to intervene in that privacy. She is unable to tell her hubby the truth because he loves them and he will never hear anything against them. So in order not to hurt anyone she puts on a fake smile, but the truth is she hates the mamas and their boys.


13. She Gets Jealous!!!

A wife is always jealous of all the females associated with the hubby, whether it’s his mother, sister, or secretary or female colleagues at the office. The wife considers this to be logical because no woman likes to share their hubby with anyone. This is the reason why they hide their suspicious nature, in order to hurt their man.


12. Her Cravings For Pleasure

There is no difference between men and women when it comes to cravings for sex. Men always get priority at first hand to satisfy their lustful desires, whereas women have to remain in silence. Hence, it’s very dicey, if a woman is left unsatisfied, which usually result in extra-marital affair or masturbation. A very logical reason for their indulgence.


11. Her Extramarital Affair

If a woman is left unsatisfied, then there is a void in her, which she will fill with an extra-marital affair, basically cheat on her hubby. Then the drama unfolds with lies and dishonesty in the relationship. Her logical reason is that she’s not being cared enough or loved by her hubby, hence, she becomes a hoe on GetYourHoe.com


10. Her Source of Income

A housewife is totally dependent on the income of her hubby. She does with what she gets but in order to garner some more income many housewives run personal blogs, marketing jobs from home and earn money. This helps them with their extra expense and she hides this from her hubby so that he doesn’t reduce the monthly contribution.


9. The Number On The Bill

When a woman goes out to buy a pin, she comes home with a plane. She just needs one small thing to trigger the shopping button. Every wife has this disease in them and every hubby face this nightmare. Women sometimes quote extra grocery bills to dish out extra money from their hubby, for their personal shopping needs.


8. The Period Fight

Most of the time every wife gets into a fight with her hubby for no logical reasons. The wife sits in one corner and cries and the hubby is left all confused as to what the fight was all about. This is not because she hides something, but because of her periods, that makes her all frustrated and gets her cribbing over small silly things.


7. Her Health Issues

Every wife does a lot to build-up a house, but when she falls sick, a sadness grips the whole family. She hides her ill-health as much as she can from hubby, not to get him all tensed up. Many husbands take off from work and help with the house chores, but remember, a wife is never comfortable with this.


6. Her Eating Habits

When eating in front of people every wife maintains a not too hungry attitude. But, let me tell you it’s totally the opposite when she’s alone, she fills herself up with everything she can lay her hands on. She may talk about fitness and a balanced diet in front of you, but behind your back, it’s pizza delivery time and a raid on the fridge.



5. Her Social Media Accounts

Well, every wife hides their social media account from their hubby because they fear that they may be misunderstood of having an online affair. This is the space that women need to feel relaxed and comfortable, communicating and sharing with her kind of people. She needs to vent out her thoughts and feelings and there’s no harm in doing that.


4. The Things That She Hates

Usually, a husband thinks that he is the right man for his wife because she doesn’t tell him many things up to his face. But every wife hates something about their hubby and she hides it, in order not to hamper the peaceful moment with silly fights. Actually, she needs to share and the hubby needs to hear it with an open mind to make the relationship more healthy. Why must she hide and why won’t a hubby listen?



3. Her Achievements

Now in this era, every wife is equivalent to their hubby, in terms of success and achievements in life. Today, women hold much higher post than men in offices and are more in demand on the professional front. Yet, a wife hides her success from her hubby so that there isn’t an ego clash, as all hubbies don’t appreciate their wife’s success nor do they boost them up.



2. Bank Account Details Are Private!

The truth is that every wife hides their bank account details from their husband and the logical reason is, that sharing account details is highly risky. But the actual fact is that they don’t want their hubby to find out their spending habits. On the other hand, it’s violating one’s privacy and if she doesn’t want to disclose, it’s fine.



1. Her Love Is Eternal!

The last thing that she hides from her hubby, is her unconditional love, straight from the heart. After turning into a housewife she gets so busy with the kids, the daily house chores, that there is no room for romanticism or an ‘I love you.’ But this is how she reveals her love for you and as a hubby, you need to understand and express your love for her by saying ‘I Love You.’


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