15 Reasons Why Wearing A Helmet Is Always A Good Idea


It probably goes without saying that motorcyclists should always wear a helmet no matter what. However, if you’re still not convinced that wearing a helmet is always something more than just a good idea, then it’ll be useful for you to have a look at the following pictures. They illustrate 15 important reasons why a helmet is necessary, no matter how awesome a rider you are (or you think you are). It’s scary to look at these pictures and imagine what would have happened to these guys if they didn’t wear a helmet, right?

Reference: Bored Panda

#1 And This, Kids, Is Why You Wear A Freakin Helmet

#2 This Is Why We Wear Helmets All The Time


#3 My Helmet Saved My Life

My face and head took the greatest impact with the tree. I took a direct hit in the face which lead the doctor to proclaim that I was lucky to be wearing a full-face helmet. It didn’t crack, the visor didn’t break. My cheek bones weren’t crushed or bruised, my spine was fine, my neck was only slightly sprained, my teeth were intact!

#4 Daily Reminder To Wear A Helmet


#5 Helmet Saved My Life Yesterday. Got Hit By A Car Turning Left And Flew Into Windshield


#6 Orlando Police Shared This Photo On Twitter Showing Where A Bullet Struck An Officer’s Helmet. The Officer’s Life Was Saved Because Of The Helmet


#7 Helmets Saved Lives


#8 No Doubt This Helmet Saved A Friend From Serious Head Injury Or Death


#9 Daily Reminder To Wear A Helmet On The Snow


#10 Helmets Can Save Lives


#11 My Friend Works In A Ski Gear Shop And This Guy Came In Yesterday


#12 And This, Kids, Is Why We Wear Helmets When We Skateboard


#13 I Keep Looking At This And Just.. Get A Bit Speechless Knowing How Much My Helmet Saved Me. Always Wear Your Gear


#14 The Helmet Of Our Patient After A Bicycle Crash (into A Wall At 80km Per Hour)!



#15 His Helmet Saved My Life When I Hit A Deer. Bike Is Gone But I’m Still Here!



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