15 Powerful Pictures That Will Make Your Day


From time to time, all of us disappointed with our lives and the people around us. Sometimes we need to try harder than we thought to get out of this state. However, good things do happen — we simply need to notice them. Here are 15 pictures that prove it:

‘I’ve never seen my autistic sister light up this way before. She finally connected with someone, and his name is Fuzzy.’

© adoptabeagle/reddit

This guy covered somebody’s car with cellophane to prevent rain from seeping into an open window.


vk © benderesss/pikabu

It was raining, and that woman covered the dog with a blanket and let him in.

© MBMIII/pikabu

‘My boyfriend grew up incredibly poor. He’d always dreamed of a lunch box with Charizard, but they didn’t have money to buy it. And I found this lunch box from his childhood and gave it to him.’

© StevieRedicavage4/imgur

That’s the first snowball in this dog’s life. Although he doesn’t know yet how it works, he’s still happy.


© rcinferno/reddit

A musician let this hard-of-hearing little boy put his head on the guitar so he could hear it

© prettydorky/reddit

A little frog that survived a fire.

© holykash/pikabu

This woman stitched up a seat on a bus.

© SnatchNews/pikabu

He crawled into a dirty ditch to save puppies.

© Ksufka/pikabu

‘Today I helped this lady with her luggage up the subway stairs and was rewarded with 2 bananas.’

© Superdongparty/reddit

This girl is carrying a goat that just gave birth, while her dog is carrying the goat’s baby.

© mushinator/reddit

This guy arranges parties at his house for lonely strangers.

© patrickcakirli/imgur

A unique wardrobe in London

© sajomes/reddit

This man invites everybody to look at Saturn.

© sbook28/reddit

Baby meets her dad for the first time.

© bigK24/reddit

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