Did you know in 1987, American Airlines decided to eliminate one olive from their first-class salad? It is observed that they saved more than $40,000. The point is a plane journey can be unexpectedly interesting in many ways. The craziness starts from airports. So here are some of the photos that show you how crazy people can get in airports.

1. Yeah, these robots need more shoe shining than people.

It is good that the airports have a shoe shining facility but what is the use if people cannot actually use it?

2. The subtle art of sleeping.

Sleeping at an airport is a difficult job as the chairs have armrests attached to them. She somehow managed to crack the code.

3. It looks like a flights to some furry-land.

When you realise you have booked a business trip on a furry flight and you are the only one in a suit.

4. Privacy issues.

When your flight is late and you decide to watch a movie in the meantime, this happens behind you.

5. Airports witness the most genuine emotions.

These two unrelated toddlers somehow got very attached at the airport while waiting for the flight. This is how they said goodbye.

6. Who left that puppy?

I was in a washroom at the airport when I saw this.

7. This grandpa got confused.

Poor thing.

8. The Secret Agent.

When I was boarding a flight last summer, a kid came up to me and said “I left a secret agent to watch you.” Sometime later I found this.

9. And that is why never fall asleep at airports.

You don’t know what you will wake up to.

10. The coolest Dad of the Year.

He knows how to keep his kids interested.

11. Charging at an airport is a real pain in the a*s.

But he found out a trick.

12. That reaction.

When you finally land after a long flight.

13. Umm, don’t you think that’s too long to wait for your luggage?

Jokes apart, that’s a very sweet gesture.

14. I dare you.

She is like I dare you to arrest me.

15. When you take your girlfriend out for a week.

Of course, she needs at least 70 dresses for 7 days.


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