15 Curious Things in Asia That Can Bewilder Any Tourist


Asia is one of the earth’s largest and most populated continents. In recent years, Asia has become more modernized and closer to the rest of the world. Asia is known for its beautiful landscape which includes Mount Kelimutu and their Chocolate Hills. But they’re also known for certain things that may confuse the average person. With that said, below you will find 15 curious things in Asia that would confuse any tourist.

Before I get into that, let me give you a little bit of information on about Asia. Over 4 billion people live in Asia, which is greater than the rest of the continents combined. Asia contains the highest point on land, Mount Everest, and the lowest point on land, the Dead Sea.

Asian resorts have become increasingly popular for tourist destinations. But there are still great mysteries with this continent. With that said, the following 15 curious things in Asia would bewilder any tourist.

Don’t Be First In An Elevator In Japan: When entering an elevator, you’re responsible for pressing the button to your own floor. You don’t need to open and close the door for others or even press the button for their floor. But in Japan, if you’re the first person in an elevator, you acquire all those responsibilities.



Tomato Juice and Sugar: Usually when people drink tomato juice it’s with a Caesar or on its own. But in Asia, people constantly drink tomato juice with sugar. They also drink it with coconut milk and honey.


The Fear of 4: There are many different kinds of phobias in this world. Fear of the number four is one of them. It is called tetraphobia. This fear is extremely common in Asia. It is said that this phobia goes back to the ancient Chinese times where the words death and four sounded very similar. For this reason, you will never see the 4th floor in any building in most Asian countries.


North Korea Celebrates National Leader’s Grandma’s Birthday: It’s already known that North Korea runs their country much different than the rest of the world. For example, supreme leader Kim Jong-un got rid of Christmas. Instead of celebrating Christmas, the country now celebrates his late grandmother’s birthday.


Ear Rakes: Most people are taught to clean their ears with a q-tip. In Asia, they use what’s called an ear rake. This tool usually contains a small spoon on one side and is made of bamboo or plastic.


Anti-Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day has long been recognized as a day of relationships and love. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to spend it with a loved one. In South Korea, they take care of those who don’t have anyone. They celebrate what is called “Black Day.” It’s a day for those who are not in love or are loners. On Black Day, it is custom to eat noodles covered in thick black sauce. It is also customary to wear all black and make jokes about your loneliness.


No Cats: If you go to any Asian country that is mainly populated with Vietnamese people, you won’t find very many cats. Vietnamese people are afraid of cats because of the sound they make. The meowing sound a cat makes sounds very similar to the word for poverty. For this reason, you will rarely see a cat in a Vietnamese household.


Separate Beds: When a Japanese couple gets married and has a baby, their entire life changes. The woman will sleep in a child’s bed which is located in a separate room. This is very common in many countries of a newborn’s first year of life. But for Japanese mothers, they sleep with their children until their at least 10-years-old.


Don’t Touch My Head: The Thai culture believes that each person’s head contains a bright light living in it. They also consider the top of the head the most sacred part of the body. For this reason, only monks and parents can touch the top of a person’s head.


Spit Out That Gum: One of the 15 curious things in Asia that might surprise any western tourist is the inability to chew gum in Singapore. The fine is extremely high if your caught chewing gum. It’s also prohibited to sell it, and if you want to purchase it you can only get it at a pharmacy. To get it at a pharmacy, you need a prescription from a doctor. Out of the 15 curious things in Asia, this might be one of the most confusing.


Children Play Unusual Games: Some Asian cultures play games that a western tourist would not understand. Take the game Kancho for example. The game requires the children to put their hands together with their index fingers out. Then the object of the game is to poke the other children’s butts.


All Birthdays Celebrated On the Same Day: Most Vietnamese people refrain from celebrating their birthday on the actual day. Instead, every person celebrates their birthday on Vietnamese New Year.


Open Crotch Pants: Unlike most places in the world, in China, a child has the opportunity to use the washroom anywhere outside. Because of this rule, Chinese parents dress their children in split pants. These pants allow children to just use the bathroom and not have to pull their pants down. They may not be the most hygienic invention in the world, but they are efficient.


KFC On Christmas: When Colonel Sanders made his “finger licking good” chicken, I don’t think he envisioned it being eaten on Christmas day. But in Japan, eating KFC on Christmas day has been a tradition for the past four decades.


Bikini Jeans: Of the 15 curious things in Asia, this might be the most confusing one for tourists. Most western tourists are used to jeans and bikinis. But they’re used to seeing them separate, not together. So when they travel to Japan, they will see the Bikini Jean. It’s a low-rise jean with a bikini.


One thing you can say about Asia is that it is extremely diverse in regards to culture. Different cultures mean different traditions which are what makes the largest continent in the world unique. If you’re a tourist thinking of traveling to this continent, you might want to read up on the 15 curious things in Asia.





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